Arobotic dragonfly that can be controlled by a mobile phone

   German engineers have invented a robotic dragonfly that can be controlled with a mobile phone app.The robotics company created the dragonfly drone, which it says is capable of complex, acrobatic manouevres.
    Called BionicOpter,it has a sensor sending back constant data on the position and movement of the wings.
    BionicOpter is 44cm long, has a wingspan of 63cm and weighs just 175 grams. Its carbon fibre and foil wings can beat up to 20 times per second.
    Dr Heinrich Frontzek of Festo said the combination of a clever design and incredibly lightweight construction made for a “unique way of flying”.
    “This means that for the first time there is a model that can master all the flight conditions of a helicopter, a winged aircraft and even a glider,” he said.
    “Despite its complexity, the highly integrated system can be operated easily and intuitively via a smartphone,” he added.