Change your lifestyle to deal with thyroid problems

    In recent times, the prevalence of thyroid disorders in urban women in their early 30s, has increased and is on the rise. Earlier, it was unusual for young women to have a thyroid affliction; it was an ailment that scourged older women mostly. “But now,” says weight management expert Dr Amrapali Patil, “Almost 30% to 35% of women belonging to this age group are affected.” She also claims the phenomenon is global.
    According to her, a healthy diet that has all the necessary nutrition and stress reduction in your daily life, may minimise the chance of developing thyroid problems. An under-active thyroid can respond to natural remedies such as acupuncture, yoga, panchakarma,
ayurveda etc. And the following can help in hypothyroid states —sea-kelp, selenium, flaxseed oil, zinc and multi-vitamins. Dr Patil talks about some more tips that should be followed to deal with thyroid problems, along with your doctor’s prescription…
    Following a low glycemic index diet (a diet which doesn’t enable the immediate pouring of sugar in blood) helps. Cut out energy-sapping foods such as those with high sugar and fat content.
    Also, regular exercise is crucial. Exercise not only enables weightloss benefits but also releases ‘happy hormones’ in the body, thereby reducing the stress levels, and helping you deal with low moods and depression.
Strong tea, coffee and tobacco should be avoided
    when suffering from hyperthyroidism. Supplements having vitamins and nutrients such as riboflavin, lecithin and thiamin may help.

Regular |exercise is crucial because it releases ‘happy hormones’ in the body thereby reducing stress levels