Foods that can enhance concentration

Foods that can enhance concentration
Open the newspaper, browse a website, watch television and you see a barrage of advertisements claiming wonder supplements that will enhance your concentration, boost your IQ and make you healthy as a horse. We are left to wonder if they really work. The truth is that as we age, our body ages and so does our brain, but you can keep your brain healthy if you could incorporate the following foods in right quantities into your diet.
Sugar is an important source of brain fuel. It’s not table sugar that we are talking of, but glucose, which the body metabolizes from the carbs and sugars that you consume. That’s why the age old custom of eating curds and sugar before going for an exam so that it helps a quick burst of memory, ability to think and mental acumen. However too much of sugar can cause the exact opposite effect – it can impair brain function and clog your thoughts. Just the right amount of sugar will go a long way in helping you concentrate better. 
Fish is a rich source of protein and is known to give a good brain boost. It’s rich in omega 3 fatty acids that are vital for brain development and function. It’s known to have great benefits for the brain – higher consumption of fish is known to have shown results of lower dementia and stroke risks. It also slows down mental decline and helps in memory enhancement especially as you get older. Two servings of fish every week can boost your gray matter greatly.
Nuts and seeds are good sources of the antioxidant vitamin E that helps decrease the decline of brain function and cognitive ability, as you grow older. Dark chocolate is a source of antioxidant properties that help the same. If you can eat an ounce of nuts and dark chocolate every day you can enjoy the benefits of them without piling on the kilos.
All organs in our body depend on blood flow, especially the heart and the brain. You may find fruits like avocados and whole grains to be your friends. High fiber foods help greatly in lowering bad cholesterol and keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay. This enhances the blood flow and keeps your brain cells active and helps you focus better. Popcorn is another tasty and healthy diet that helps with the same. Avocados have fat but it’s monounsaturated fat, which is good for better blood flow.
A shot of caffeine can energize your brain and help you in better focus and concentration. A small cup of coffee, a slab of chocolate, or even energy drinks can keep you awake and aware. However the effect is short lived and excessive consumption can make you uncomfortable and nervous. Keep the serving small and enjoy the benefits.
A nourishing breakfast
Don’t miss breakfast, ever. Breakfast not only improves short-term memory and attention span, but also fuels you for the day ahead. Students and professionals who eat breakfast are most likely to perform better than the ones who skip breakfast often. A good breakfast is a combination of high fiber whole grains, fresh fruits and dairy products. Do not stuff yourself with calories alone during breakfast as they can affect your concentration and slow you down.
 A Healthy Balance
You can get most of your nutrition from your diet naturally without having to resort to diet supplements. A healthy balance is important because eating a heavy meal can make you drowsy while eating too less can send confusing signals that add to fat content in your body. A diet of healthy and wholesome foods will go a long way in keeping your brain healthy and helping you concentrate better.
Note: This article is just for the general information of the readers, more details and guidance please consult a dietician/Doctor