I want a laptop within 32,000

I want a laptop within 32,000. It should have a Core i3 processor, 2 to 4GB RAM, 15.6-inch screen, 500GB hard drive and a DVD writer. What’s the difference between 2nd generation and 3rd generation Core processors? And would I need a graphics card to run Corel Draw and Photoshop?

—    First, if you have the budget, opt for a third-generation Core i processor. These offer better battery life and performance when compared to the 2nd gen processors with similar specs.
    Second, you do not need a graphics card. Graphic cards help if you’re working with 3D software, but since you’ll be dabbling in 2D vector and and raster graphics, we’d recommend an upgrade in RAM instead (especially if you work with high-resolution raster images for print).
    For your laptop, we suggest the Dell Vostro 2520, which has a Core i3 3120 processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard disk, integrated Intel graphics, 15.6-inch screen and Windows 8. This laptop sells for a little less than 32,000.
    If you already have a Windows licence, you should take a look at Dell Vostro 2420 (Linux preinstalled) with a Core i5 3230 chip; obviously better for your processing needs. With a 14-inch screen, this notebook, costing 33,000, is also lighter and compact.
    If you are willing to push your budget up a bit, there’s the Samsung NP350E5C-S01IN that sells for 34,000. Its specifications are similar to Vostro 2520, but it also has an AMD Radeon HD 7670M graphics processor purring under the hood.