If you don’t pay society bills, you could lose your home


If you have not been paying your maintenance bills, your housing society can now take action against you, and your home can even be auctioned off.

This is one of the provisions of the new state co-operative law drafted in line with the 97th constitutional amendment for transparency and autonomy in the running of all co-operative societies.

The law empowers the managing committee of a society to approach the registrar of societies to recover dues. Once the registrar’s office issues a certificate, a recovery officer can take action, which can even extend to the attachment or auction of your property.

“There was no provision of action against defaulters in housing societies under article 101 of the Maharashtra State Co-operative Societies Act. Now, societies have been empowered to act against members for not paying maintenance charges, or contributing to electricity and water charges,” said cooperation minister Harshavardhan Patil.

The state government has also decided to get a legal opinion on retaining the power of intervention in running co-operatives, under pressure from its ministers who dominate the sector.

“Though the amendment aims at removing political interference and withdrawing state government control over unaided societies, it would be unfair to give a free hand to credit and housing societies, and urban banks as they form 60% of the total 2.47lakh co-operative societies in the state,” said Patil.