Issaq lead pair, Prateik and Amyra, on matters of the heart and more

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Guys want commitment, girls want to have fun

Issaq lead pair, Prateik and Amyra, on matters of the heart and more

Is Romeo & Juliet the ultimate love story?
Amyra: Every time you think of love, it’s the image of Romeo & Juliet that pops into your head.

Prateik: Shakespeare’s stories have always had an instant connect. They enjoy universal appeal.
So, what’s new in this film? Amyra: The rawness, the rustic look and the director’s vision. Though it is based on a classic, it is set in today’s time.
Prateik: The film, produced by Shailesh R Singh and Dhaval Gada, is Indian at heart. It is not a typical Hindi film where we suddenly break into a song. The songs are played in the background.
Do you think true love exists in today’s world?
Amyra: At 20, I am yet to experience it. At the moment, I want to have fun and focus on my career. Falling in love would be a burden as it will hold me back from so many things. Prateik: It does exist. Watch Issaq and you will know (laughs). Amyra: I think in today’s time, guys are more into commitment, while girls just want to have a good time. Prateik: Well, we shall let love slap you in the face. Amyra: That’s what I am scared of. I don’t want that to happen.
One unforgettable thing about each other… Amyra: Prateik is terrified of bugs. Once, in the middle of a kissing scene, a moth landed on his shoulder. Instead of giving the shot, he started screaming at me saying, ‘Get it off… get it off…’ He almost pushed me and ran! Prateik: You can never win an argument with her, no matter what. Had she not been an actress, she would have been a lawyer and that too, the best.
    Issaq, presented by Jayantilal Gada’s Pen India Pvt Ltd, releases tomorrow.

Prateik and Amyra