Iulia Vantur with Marius Monga

Salman Khan’s girl dated Romanian Grammy nominee

    So you’ve heard about Salman Khan’s new interest, Iulia Vantur. While the grapevine is buzzing with Sallu’s alleged affair with the Romanian TV anchor, we ran a status check on Iulia and found some colourful stuff.
    It seems that not too long ago, Iulia was dating Grammy-nominated music personality Marius Moga, who’s also Romanian. The couple — tabloid darlings in eastern Europe — have been on a roller-coaster ride together, breaking up and getting back together at least a couple of times. Their tumultuous affair and highly-publicised PDA regularly grabbed the headlines.
    Marius is a name to reckon with in Romania as a composer, producer and singer, who dabbles in pop, RnB and club music. He also made the soundtrack of Tony Scott’s Domino starring Keira Knightley and Mickey Rourke. Iulia’s tryst with fame came after she started cohosting the show, Dansez Pentru Tine (Romanian edition of the popular show Dancing With The Stars, a franchise, which was sold to over 35 countries) with TV star and singer Stefan Banica Jr. It’s Romania’s most-watched entertainment show in recent years. As the show climbed the popularity charts, Iulia was catapulted to instant fame.
    While there’s been a lot of gossip about Marius and Iulia, there’s at least one Facebook page of Marius that declares them married. Apart from his relationship status that shows ‘married to Iulia Vantur’, there’s also an August 7, 2012 post clearly showing the two locking lips.

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Iulia Vantur with Marius Monga