Reservation is compulsory in housing society committees

State government has made it clear that the cooperative housing societies would have to follow the reservation in the working committee of the society. The new amendment to the Maharashtra Co-Operative Societies Act, has the provision of reservation to women, members from OBC, SC/ST and VJNT.

Cooperation minister Harshavardhan Patil said on Tuesday that the posts meant for the members from the reserved category would remain vacant. “The reservation always has been there in the Act, thought we have raised it to 5 posts. It has been observed that the housing cooperative societies have not been keenly following the clause of reservation,” he said.

After the state legislature decided to send the bill to the joint select committee of both the houses, the government has decided to issue a new ordinance to keep the amendments in effect till the bill is passed in the monsoon session. “The first ordinance lapsed on April 21, 2013. We have approached the Governor K Sankaranarayanan for the new ordinance. It will be issued shortly,” he said.

The minister said that despite stake holders in the cooperative sectors raising doubts if the amended law has not come into force, as the bill was not passed in the budget session concluded last week, it is in full force and will have to be followed.