Slow internet ‘leading cause of family rows’

A slow internet is the main cause of family rows, a new study has revealed. It was claimed recently, that one has to wait up to 13 minutes a day or 11 days a year for websites to load, and as net becomes accessible on more gadgets, the more chances of rise in tempers. The study was recently conducted by a British broadband company and the results were quite startling. The scientists, who conducted the study, found that one in 10 adults feels their stress levels escalate rapidly when their internet crashes, while 14% fret more about their internet than missing a loved one’s birthday. This shows a marked difference to what stress factors were, a mere decade ago.
    The main reason for losing one’s cool is the loss of internet connection while shopping for items online and one gets stuck at the payment gateway. This is closely followed by the buffering of a TV show or film when watching a movie either on video-sharing websites or even while streaming music. ANI