To direct your husband on stage is not the easiest thing

    She’s been in the news recently for her Cannes sojourn, where she served as a member of the Cinéfondation and short film jury. But unlike other Cannesbound Bollywood stars, whose appearances are talked about mainly for their fashion statements, Nandita Das’ presence elicits a sense of seriousness to the proceedings. She is currently busy with her play, Between the Lines, where she has donned the hat of actor, director and producer while her husband, Subhodh Maskara, has made his stage debut.
    “From the time I have known Subodh, I have seen how comfortable and creative he is when he is narrating stories or mimicking people. He has a natural flair for acting and always wanted to explore this side of him. As a partner, I thought what better way to give him that opportunity, than to make him act in our home production,” says Nandita, who adds that her husband took his debut assignment “very seriously”.
    But directing him was a challenge, she adds. “To direct your husband on stage is not the easiest thing! At times egos come in, we bring in home arguments on to the stage and vice-versa,” admits Nandita, who also adds that the experience has been rewarding too. “It’s been an amazing experience. Despite all the arguments and disagreements, it actually helped us get to know each other better.”
    Talking about films, she says there’s a lack of human stories in the industry. “In our country, economics often interferes with art. So sadly, the moneyed projects tell mainstream stories to appease the masses, and many human stories that need to be told, that represents the lives of many, get sidelined. Yes, there is a big paucity of strong, wellmade films that address issues of human condition.”

Nandita Das and (left) Subhodh Maskara