Understanding hair loss in men

Understanding hair loss in men
You see more balding men and men with shining pates that you see women. Hair loss is a more common phenomenon in men than it is in women. Hair loss is largely hereditary, in which case it cannot be helped other than by hair transplant. There are other common causes of hair fall as well and they are harsh physical stress and strenuous mental stress. Women are better endowed in that department because while both men and women lose sleep over stressful situations, men also tend to lose hair.
The Myths
  • There is an age-old myth that hair loss is caused by old age. It is entirely untrue as old age can only cause graying of the hair and not hair loss otherwise we would not see 20 year olds with receding hairlines and bald pates at 30 years.
  • Another long-standing myth is that tight fitting caps and hats cause hair loss. Despite many claims, such is not the case. The worst you will experience because of a tight hat is a bad headache.
  • Good news for the untidy – despite grandmother tales about losing hair because you have kept them dirty, there is no evidence that dirty scalps cause hair loss. You might face scalp irritation due to rashes caused by dirt but the tresses remain intact.
  • Shave your head and it will make hair grow back thicker and fuller is as fictional as the existence of Spiderman. In fact the truth is just the opposite, shaving your head while experiencing hair loss will only fasten the process and not otherwise.
  • Presence of dandruff causes men to lose hair. You guessed right, not true at all. Dandruff is a condition of the scalp and does not impact hair loss.
The truth about hair loss
It’s all in the genes. Genetics is the sole largest contributor to hair loss. Hair follicles are genetically determined and hair loss is caused by the interaction between androgens and the hair follicles. This process affects the hair follicles and causes alteration of the hair growth cycle that will eventually lead to a baldpate. Hair fall is a common phenomenon and on an average a person loses about 150 strands of hair everyday. Baldness is not caused by hair fall; it is caused by the lack of hair growth.
Baldness, that is not genetically driven, can be caused and catalyzed by other parameters that cause excessive hair fall and also impede hair growth. This will eventually lead to baldness. This is a phenomenon that is growing alarmingly among many men who brave hazards like irregular diet, stress and pollution that affect their immunity.
The causes and remedies of hair loss
Diet – A good and balanced diet is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle and it also lends to the longevity of one’s hair. Deficiency of the required amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients can weaken the hair follicles and leave them sensitive. A balanced diet of vegetables, fish, pulses and white meats go a long way in strengthening and promoting the growth of your hair follicles.
Chemicals – Indiscriminate use of chemicals can cause the weakening and thinning of hair and leads to balding. Chemicals present in hair dyes, hair serums, conditioners can act against one’s hair if not used properly. It’s important to first ascertain your hair kind, buy the right kind of hair products and take the help of professionals to apply some of them. It’s nice to have soft, fragrant and dyed hair; but of what use is it if you don’t have any hair left.
Health – A healthy lifestyle can be very benevolent to hair growth. Dihydrotestostrone (DHT) is a male hormone that triggers heavy hair fall and restricts proper growth. Aerobic exercises are capable of lowering DHT, thus improving hair follicle growth.
Hair loss prevention products – The market place is abundant with hair loss prevention and re-growth products. There are treatments available that can help you counter hair loss and improve hair growth. The trick however is not about buying a product or getting a treatment done as it is about going for the right treatment and right product. It’s essential to get the help of a medical practitioner or a certified professional who can identify the root cause of your balding problem and attack it accordingly

Finally, bald is also a great fashion statement and if nothing else works, sport a shining pate!