I require a wireless gaming keyboard in a budget of 2,200.

I require a wireless gaming keyboard in a budget of 2,200. I’d prefer a model that offers anti-ghosting capabilities so that I can press multiple keys simultaneously to perform extra actions in games like FIFA.

—    Wireless and gaming keyboards don’t go well together; so you will have to trade one for the other.

OPTION1 | The TVS Gold, which sells for around 1,700, is a great mechanical keyboard that boasts solid build quality. It doesn’t promise any anti-ghosting technology, but due to its mechanical design, 4 or 5 keys can be pressed simultaneously.

OPTION 2 | The Microsoft Sidewinder X4 offers excellent anti-ghosting capabilities, and at 2,500 offers excellent value for money. Alternatively, you could choose between the Razer Arctosa and the Logitech G105. Both of these sell for around 2,600 and offer similar functionality in terms of anti-ghosting technology.

OPTION 3 | If you want to go wireless, you can get the Logitech MK330 keyboard and mouse kit that costs around 1,800. It should be noted that like most wireless keyboards, the MK330 does not offer anti-ghosting or low-latency performance. This combo is more suited to multimedia use, though it should work fine with most games.