Bid farewell to unwanted pounds

    With more and more people leading sedentary lifestyles, the focus on physical fitness has increased. Lifestyle diseases are becoming more common and there’s a greater need to stay healthy and fit. Talwalkars is a place which not only helps you lose weight but also boosts overall health and improves physical fitness.
    Model Devyani M says, “Fitness is something that I enjoy — my experience at Talwalkars has helped me lose weight and tone up. I have decided health and fitness will be an integral part of my life from today.”
    This is also that time of the year when Talwalkars comes out with its Annual August Discount Scheme, aimed at fitness enthusiasts who want to plan their fitness goals. So, this year also, the brand has extended the scheme, which offers a flat 30% discount for the first five days — on the annual membership fees and special offers on value-added services. This annual discount offer is valid only till August 5.
    “For me, today is the day to get on the road of fitness and bring a positive change in my life. I am not telling you it is going to be easy, I am telling you it is going to be worth it,” says Nitin Goswami, entrepreneur and model, about his experience at the health club.
    The Annual August Discount is available across all Talwalkars health clubs in Mumbai.
To avail the offer or book an appointment: SMS: FIT to 53636 Call: 022-33710100/ 08879631175 

Devyani M and Nitin Goswami undergoing the complete fitness experience at Talwalkars