GlassUp – eyewear

Even if you want Google Glasses, you might not be able to pick up a pair
because of its forced exclusivity. And even if you do manage to get your paws on one, there’s this thing where Google has threatened to deactivate the glasses that you’ve “paid for”, if you lend it to anyone else. Hah! Well, who needs the fussy Google Glasses when you can pick up a pair of GlassUp. These spectacles, currently being developed by an Italian company, will come in a variety of designs, and with prescription lens, if required.

The eyewear will be equipped with low-power Bluetooth technology to connect to your smart devices so you can see your e-mails, SMS, tweets, and even Facebook updates. Future plans include heads-up info for athletes – as well as augmented reality applications in tourist spots like museums where visitors can see captions of the paintings, and more. Also, since GlassUp uses low-power technologies and displays notifications in monochrome, it will have a battery life of 150 hours standby and eight hours of constant use. The best part, it isn’t equipped with a camera like Google Glasses, so privacy experts can stop worrying – and yeah, at around $399 ( 23,500) a pair, they’ll also be more affordable.
Ships February 2014