I want to buy a pair of speakers for my PC

I want to buy a pair of speakers for my PC. My budget… l …is 1,000  AND …is 2,000

Within a budget of 1,000, you could pick up the F&D V520 or the Lenovo M0520, both of which retail at around 650. Alternatively, you could pick up F&D’s V620 for 900. The V620 comes with blue LED lights that glow when it is powered on. These are purely for aesthetics and add to its visual appeal.
    All three models are powered by USB, so that means it will utilize a port at all times. Also, USB-powered speakers are better suited to laptops. The placement of these ports on a desktop PC might not give you the flexibility to arrange these speakers for optimum sound. So take that into consideration.
    That said, Logitech’s Z130, with a separate power adapter cable, will work better with a desktop. This pair, costing around 1,000, comes with a volume-control knob as well as a headphone jack.
    It should be noted that all budget speakers are basic performers, so you’d be kidding yourself if you’re expecting great bass output, or loud sound to which you can party to, play games, or watch HD movies. In fact, crank these up to over 70-80% of their output, and you might not like what you hear depending on what you’re listening to. A budget of 2,000 frees us up a bit, and here you can actually expect to pick up some decent performers. In fact, if you’re looking for speakers for your desktop PC, we’d suggest you go in for a 2.1 system that comes with a separate subwoofer – and that makes all the difference. Here, you could opt for the Creative SBS A335 2.1 Multimedia Speakers at around 1,900, the SBS A235 at 1,600, or the SBS A120 for 1,500. The A335 is the loudest of these. And if it’s between the A235 and the A120, opt for the former, if you want greater bass.
    Remember, your ears are the best judge, so carry your music along with you when shopping for speakers. And, if possible, ask for a demo.