Marathi cinema says yes to prosthetic makeup

    The Marathi film industry is no longer making compromises with the authentic look a character requires. From allotting extra budget for makeup to hiring professional artistes, filmmakers are going all out to add the extra zing to their films.
Manoj Joshi in Narbachi Wadi
    Actor Manoj Joshi, who plays a double role in the remake of the Bengali classic play Bancharamer Bagan, had to undergo a two hour makeup session daily to play the role of the rich 75-year-old zamindar from the 1940s.
    Says director Aditya Sarpotdar, “We had to work on the look with prosthetic makeup. Multiple layers of fake skin were used to create wrinkles on Manoj’s face and body. A moustache, fake eyebrows and dentures with rotten teeth completed this look designed by National award winning makeup artiste Vikram Gaikwad.” Approximate cost: 4 lakh Jitendra Joshi in Kakan
    Jitendra, who has played the roles of a younger and an older person (60 plus), had to take medication after donning the required look in the film. For his weathered, street-dweller look, Jitendra had to use a particular glue that caused rashes and skin allergy.
    In spite of the medication, the actor had to get the makeup redone every 3-4 hours owing to the allergy resurfacing. “The glue did not suit me and I experienced discomfort even during the shooting of Tukaram (where I played an older character). I knew I would get rashes but such opportunities are rare.” Approximate cost: 2 lakh (for the lead character) Trupti Bhoir in Touring Talkies
    When Trupti Bhoir played an obese bride in Agadbami, she had to wear a 250 kg body suit and prosthetic makeup. For her latest venture, Touring Talkies, Trupti who played the female version of Gabbar Singh sported a dark skin tone with brown spots, bushy eyebrows, cracked lips and short cropped hair.

• Actor Chinmay Mandlekar to play Vasantrao Naik in Nilesh Jalamkar’s Mahanayak Estimated cost – 10 lakh

• Bharat Jadhav to portray the role of a possessed zombie for Sameer Surve’s Charlie

Manoj Joshi
Jitendra Joshi
Trupti Bhoir
Makeup artists Amod Doshi (Fanaa, Dhoom 2 and Nautanki Saala): The Marathi industry is willing to experiment and are keen to spend time and money to get the authentic and realistic look for its characters in a film.