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10 Highest Paying Side Jobs to Increase Your Income


Economies are running low and price inflation seems to grow at the same pace. It is difficult to cope with the salary your full time job pays you. People are thus, opting for side jobs now more than ever.

Employees are acquiring multiple skills which make it easier for them to pick up their second job. Side jobs are the best solution when a single job cannot cover your all you expenses. However you should your side jobs wisely where you can invest less time and earn a decent pay.

Let us have a look at 10 side jobs that have the highest pay rate, reports Business Insider.

Sign Language Interpreter
Wage: $36.50 an hour
Individuals with a skill of sign interpretation can opt for this side job. Shortage of sign language interpreters make these professional in high demand. The working hours for the job are convenient, flexible and more importantly it offers a decent pay. The job includes interpreting speech in sign language for people with hearing impairments.

Freelance Product Photographer
Wage: Up to $20 an hour
Shutterbugs try out this job to earn quick cash. Individuals not just require good photography skills but should also be well acquainted with the related software and photo-editing process. Candidates can bag high paying side jobs from big companies to shoot for their products. Knowledge of Photoshop and graphic designing is also a requirement for this job.

Wage: $50 per 500 word post
This is often enjoyable and the most flexible amongst the side jobs available. So if your pen speaks better than your words this is the job for you. Prolific writers can earn the most from this job. There is a plethora of website available offering legitimate blogging jobs. The best part of the job is that you opt for any field of your interest to step into more technical writing.

Baby Sitting
Wage: $25-30 per hour
Baby sitting is best option to earn from working parents who are looking for baby or pet sitters. This side job is well suited for teenagers to earn quick bucks in a day. However if you are an adult you still can take up this job. It never harms earning money sitting back at home. With pets and kids around you, you would never have a boring moment.

Copy Editor/Writer
Wage: $17 an hour
The job of an editor or a writer is quite similar to bloggers. The difference is this is a more serious business where you work for certain firm and write about either about their profiles, products or for advertising. Individuals are supplied with the information which they have to rephrase to draft attractive content with their writing skills.

Wage: $40-80 per hour
Tutoring is the highest paying side jobs of all time. A little experience can bring you plenty of students and money too! From Mathematics and English to Music and Computers, this side job offers a wide range of subjects to choose from. This lucratively paying side job is also highly rewarding as it would make you happy to impart your knowledge to others.

Merchandise Coordinator
Wage: $21 an hour
Malls and clothing business is expanding big time which require more employees to different shifts in retail stores. A little experience and knowledge of merchandising and clothes can get you this highly paying side job. The job includes supporting a merchandising team, maintenance of information such as samples, reports and updates.

City Guide Writer
Wage: $50-100/project
Tourism firm often look for freelancers who can handle their blogs and website content. The business requires attractive and florid write-ups to lure readers. As a city guide writer you have to write about travelling, food, people, place, reviews and much more.

Creative Craft Artist
Wage: up to $400 for each product
Are you a skilled at Painting, Making Art, Drawing and Sculpting? If yes, this is the perfect side job to feed your hobby too. These creative a lot of side jobs available for them from creating comic book covers, making Halloween, designing t-shirts to sketching, drawing painting to home décor. If you really good at it you can easily earn big bucks from this job.

Web or App Developer
Wage: up to $30 an hour
If you are a hard-core coder and playing with codes is your business then this could be your call. All you need to do is find a plug-in that doesn’t work perfectly and create your own new version. This side job would excite tech savvy people who could code something new apart from their daily job. The more experience you have the better job and pay you are offered.

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