Yoga and the art of staying slim

Losing weight is not as difficult as you think it is. A simple diet or an extra jog of 30 minutes a day can make you drop a few kgs in a month. But staying slim, energetic and developing muscle tone is not so easy .Processed food is as addictive as alcohol or cigarettes. If your food comes from a packet, it is not even food! But you already know this.“The problem is execution.And the easiest way to rebuild your body , break your silly habits and kill your addictive cravings is the art of practicing yoga. Proper breathing, body sculpting, muscle ton ing and stretching Artistic Yoga has got the perfect recipe to transform your body and calm your mind. This is the foundation on which your life can take on new challenges and invite good luck. Remember, positive attracts positive,“ says yoga guru Bharat Thakur.

Group classes, personal training and Ccorporate programs are available. One can also opt for a free class.

Where: Studios at Lokhandwala and Bandra.

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