Soorma has one of the most inspiring stories ever told: Chitrangda Singh

Chitrangda Singh

Chitrangda Singh


She is one of the most beautiful women in showbiz, but her career at the movies has transcended her looks and made an impact with the measured roles and movies that she’s chosen over the years. And, with her characteristic elan, Chitrangda Singh has now found a new role in life. She’s the producer of Soorma, which releases tomorrow. The biopic on India’s hockey star Sandeep Singh, features Diljit Dosanjh and Taapsee Pannu in the lead. About her new role, she says, “Producing Soorma has been a two-and-a-half-year journey. If I were to divide my life into chapters, this would be the fattest and most important one.”

It was by chance that she met Sandeep Singh a few years ago, through a common friend. At that time, Chitrangda was writing another film, but when she heard Sandeep’s story, she was floored. She adds, “I’ve met sportsmen and women all my life — cricketers, golfers, tennis players… but this was my first tryst with hockey. And I was surprised to know how dramatic and incredible Sandeep’s journey had been. A spine injury had left him wheelchair-bound, but he picked up the pieces of his life and made an incredible comeback. He became the captain of the Indian hockey team and led the team to multiple international titles.”

Sandeep’s personal achievements also inspired Chitrangda a lot. “He won an Arjuna Award for his professional success, but the achievements in his personal life are untold. That’s why it was important to tell his story. That he made an incredible comeback is just one aspect of it, he faced so many adversities while attempting to do so. He even had to sell his house to pay the hospital bills, but he remained incredibly focussed,” she says.

She is hopeful that Sandeep’s story will strike a chord with the viewers. “Soorma has one of the most inspiring stories ever told. It’s a tale of true grit and perseverance. I am sure that people will appreciate the fact that one man fought so hard for his passion and survival,” she sums up.