Ganpati invitation in English for whatsapp

I invite you all to the Ganpati festival to be held on 25 Aug 2017. I would await your gracious presence To join us in praying the Lord Ganesha and Ask for blessings for prosperity of all.

I invite you all to the Ganpati festival to be held on 25 Aug 2017. I would await your gracious presence To join us in praying the Lord Ganesha and Ask for blessings for prosperity of all.


Dear friends,

You and your family are invited to take the
Blessings of Lord Shri Ganesha at my home
during first 6 days of Ganesh Festival. Your presence would be highly appreciated.

Addresse: Presidency,  PRITHVI JOSHI n family


Dear Friends You all and your family are invited to take the
Blessings of Lord Shri Ganesha at my home
During first 5 days of Ganesh Festival I.e 5th & 10th September 2016. Regards ..
Kharghar Navimumbai



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Asin, Bipasha, Divyanka are Beautiful Celebrity brides of 2016

bbu7bvv bbu7bw1 bbu7dqo bbu7dqp bbu7dqs bbu7dqt bbu7dqx bbu7gcu bbu7psu bbu7psw bbu7rq5 bbu7rq8 bbu7rql bbu7uac bbu7uak bbu7ual bbu7uaq bbu7wlu bbu7wlw bbu7zhj bbu7zhtThis year has seen

a spate of Bollywood weddings, starting with southern belle Asin marrying

ASIN: Asin kicked

the weddings of 2016 off to a rolicking start with not one but multiple wedding

For the Hindu-

style wedding, Asin was wearing a bespoke Sabyasachi Mukherjee lehenga

For her

reception, Asin opted for a stunning Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla lehenga choli


The second celebrity bride of 2016 was our very own Rangeela actress Urmila

According to

reports, the bespoke lehenga was made for her in just five days!

For the evening

reception party, Matondkar changed into a white suit with pale gold emellishments.


Actress Bipasha Basu set social media on fire all through her wedding events

Basu seemed to have started

this new trending this year of pre-wedding shoots

For her mehendi

ceremony, Basu went for a Queen of the Forest look, with a beautiful off-white lehenga

Ahead of the

wedding, Basu was elegently dressed in a pink sari for a puja ceremony.

Looking very much

like Bengali bride, Basu chose a stunning red lehenga by the ace designer Sabyasachi

The entire

ensemble had a regal feel to it. Not only was the lehenga heavily embellished

For the

reception, the new bride sported sindoor with a casual hairdo


Dimpled actress Preity Zinta had a very private wedding ceremony to the US-based


TV actress Divyanka Tripathi just tied the knot with fellow TV star Vivek Dahiya

For the

traditional haldi ceremony. Tripathi chose a beautiful yellow lehenga, with large embroidery

For the mehendi ceremony, the

actress changed into a pretty pink lehenga, and she let her stunning

For the sangeet ceremony,

Tripathi was dressed in a gold-and-blue lehenga, with an interesting choli

For the wedding,

Tripathi was dressed in a resplendent red-and-gold lehenga by Kalki Fashion

Only days before

the wedding, the photograph of Tripathi’s wedding gear was posted

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Catch India in her myriad moods and merriment

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Navratri celebrations in different parts of the country

Navratri, meaning nine nights is when Devi Durga is worshipped. The festival, though, is celebrated in different parts of the country by dif ferent names and ways but the purpose of it remains the same the victory of good over evil. By adding its own tint of customs and flavour to it, here’s how the country celebrates the festival.MAHARASHTRA

Celebrations here are quite similar to Gujarat. The occasion, though, is a great time to start with new beginnings. Purchasing new cars, house, cracking business deals is quite common during this time.Married women invite each other to their place on the last day and apply haldi-kumkum on their foreheads and offer them a coconut, beetle leaves and beetle nuts. This is considered auspicious and observed for the husband’s long life.


Navratri happens to be one of the most awaited festivals of the state. A lot of them fast for nine days and worship Lord Durga during this time. Colourful, in the evening, an earthen pot with a diya placed inside of it is and is called as garboand women perform aarti with it. Garba and Dandiya Raas are popular forms of dances and sees large participation from men and women dressed in traditional attire.


A lot of emphasis is laid on studies during the last three days of Navratri in Kerala. Goddess Saraswati is worshipped on ashtami (eighth day) until dashami (tenth day) when books are finally taken out for reading.Poojas are performed at home and in temples and children are taken there to take the Goddess’ blessings. Young kids are taught how to write their first alphabet on rice on this day. The tenth day, Dussehra, is when Lord Rama defeated Ravana; on this day an effigy of Ravana is burnt.


On the first day, pulses are sown on the first day and watered and worshipped through the nine days. The sprouts and seedlings are immersed in water after the pooja the custom denotes the harvesting customs of the place.After fasting for nine days, devotees break their fast by inviting home young girls who are considered as ‘devis’ themselves. After washing their feet and serving them prasad in the form of food,they are given gifts. Ramleela, an enactment of the epic Ramayana is a popular form of performance here. On the tenth day, effigies of Ravana, his brother Kumbhakarna and son Meghanad are burnt.Celebrations in Punjab are quite similar to those here. Some of them even organize jagrata, where, amidst devotional songs people are up all night and worship Goddess Shakti.


In the East part of India, that is, West Bengal, Assam and Bihar. In West Bengal, Durga Puja is of great significance and the last for four to five days of Navratri are celebratedas Durga Puja. Celebrated in a glorious manner with pandals set up in different places, large idols of Goddess Durga on her lion, Mahishasur, Lord Ganesha, Kartikeya and Goddess Laxmi and Saraswati are erected. Bengali women dressed in their traditional red, white and golden sarees perform the pooja in a grand manner.


The various shrines dedicated to Goddess Durga in the state see people swarming to the temples during this time. ‘Kullu Dussehra’ that happens during this time is celebrated on an international level with devotees from all over the world coming to attend the event. On this day, idols from temples are taken out in processions. During Navratri, devotees visit various temples in Kangra, Bilaspur and Una districts of the state.


Similarly, in Andhra Pradesh, the Kolu celebration of Navratri is called ‘Bathukamma Panduga’ meaning ‘Come Alive Mother Goddess.’ Women here make a beautiful stack of seasonal flowers, known as Bathukamma. With new sarees and jewelleries, they perform pooja for nine days and set afloat their Bathukammas in a water body .


Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati are worshipped during these nine days, three days each and friends and relatives come over and exchange clothes, sweets and jewelleries. The highlight of the celebrations here is the decoration of the ‘Kolu’, which is actually a staircase with nine stairs, each representing the nine nights. Each stair is decorated with beautiful dolls and idols of Gods and Goddesses. These dolls are handed over from generation to generation.


In Karnataka, the ninth day of Mysore Dussehra is celebrat ed by worshipping items of daily importance, like kitchen tools, gadgets, vehicles, books and so on. People also worship items that are of importance to their respective professions thus, those in teaching profession worship books, pen, pencils; farmers worship their agricultural tools by decorating with flowers and worshipping on the day by invoking God’s blessings for prosperity in the coming years.

In Mysore, devotees worship the royal deity , Chamundi and celebrate the festival in a grand fashion.Mysore Dussehra is the state festival of Karnataka and is known for the festivities that take place during the period of Dussehra. On the ninth day of Dussehra, called Mahanavami, royal sword is worshipped and is taken on a procession of decorated elephants, camels and horses. On Vijayadashami, the last day , a traditional procession known as Jumboo Savari is held on the streets. The procession starts from the Mysore Palace and concludes at a place called Bannimantapa, where the banni tree is worshipped.The Dussehrafestivities finish on the night of Vijayadashami with a torchlight parade, known locally as Panjina Kavayatthu.




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Alcohol consumption in India has risen by 55% over a period of 20 years

At 55%, India records third highest rise in alcohol use
A global study has found out that alcohol consumption in India has risen by 55% over a period of 20 years.More worryingly , the young are getting initiated to alcohol much earlier, while more women are indulging in hazardous and binge drinking.

The Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) recently published a report examining the economic and health implications of alcohol use among its 34 member and a few non-member countries.Among a list of 40 nations, India got the third position, only after Russian Federation and Estonia, for shooting alco hol intake between 1992 and 2012. Countries that closely followed India were China, Israel and Brazil.

The OECD report said heavy drinking was alarmingly on the rise among youth and women in many countries. “ An increasing proportion of children experience alcohol and drunkenness at early ages. Girls have caught up with boys in the past 10 years,“ it stated.

The percentage of under-15 boys who haven’t had alcohol went down from 44% to 30%, while for girls it decreased from 50% to 31% in the 2000s. The trend of heavy drinking witnessed among the young of all countries has experts worried. A global study by the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has found that alcohol consumption in India has risen by 55% over a period of 20 years, with India coming only after Russian Federation and Estonia for shooting alcohol intake between 1992 and 2012. The trend of heavy drinking witnessed among the young of all countries has experts worried.

“It can be dangerous and have long-term effects such as habit formation or other chronic conditions,“ said hepatologist Dr Aabha Nagral, who consults with Jaslok Hospital.Binge drinking among the youth has also been associated with increased possibilities of road accidents and disabilities in the report.

Dr P C Gupta, director of Sekhsaria Institute of Public Health, quoted a WHO report which said about 30% of Indians consume alcohol, out of which 4-13% are daily consumers and up to 50% of these fall under the category of hazardous drinking.

The OECD researchers evaluated that drinkers from member-states were downing an equivalent of over nine litres of pure alcohol per year, which rose by a few units if home brewed and illegal stocks were taken into account. “ All of this amounts to drinking over 100 bottles of wine, or 200 litres of beer, a year,“ the report stated. Indians featured much lower here as average consumption of pure alcohol hovered around 2.5-3 litres annually.

The findings have set alarm bells ringing within the medical fraternity and health activists who are demanding a national policy to curb alcohol use, which is associated with over 200 ailments of the liver, heart, pancreas, brain, and even causing cancer. The report has pointed out how alcoholism cuts through classes and afflicts the poor and rich alike.

Head and neck cancer surgeon Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, who consults with Tata Memorial Hospital said, “ Alcohol is causally related to cancers of the mouth, oropharynx, liver, oesophagus and breast. It is ap palling that such a toxic, carcinogenic compound is brazenly advertised and consumed by an ever-increasing number of youth without any warning.“

The rapid rise in alcohol consumption is also not without economic ramifications. A developing nation loses around 1% of annual output due to lost productivity of workers.

The report said alcohol practices varied from country to country and depended on culture and practices. Nagral, however, said it was crucial to understand that the previouslyfollowed British Society of Gastroenterology guidelines, which suggested consuming three units a day for men and two units for women as relatively safe, may no longer be the thumb-rule. “The alcohol concentration may vary or quantities may not be same. More importantly , we have noticed that even with moderate drinking one can develop liver disease over a period of time,“ she said.“The fact that alcohol consumption for youngsters or women is no longer a taboo in our society has brought about the big shift,“ Nagral said.

A silver lining, though, as stated in the report, is that if users can cut down even one unit of alcohol per week, it can bring about a great difference to the disease graph.

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A Home which saves money

बचत करणारं घर

निसर्गाच्या सानिध्यात घर घेणं प्रत्येकालाच शक्य होतं असं नाही. पण म्हणून तुम्ही अशा गोष्टींपासून वंचित राहावं असंही नाही. काही मुलभूत गोष्टींचा वापर करून आणि दैनंदिन जीवनात थोडेफार बदल करून तुम्ही ऊर्जा आणि कार्यक्षमता वाढवू शकता आणि पर्यावरणावरचा भारही कमी करु शकता. विशेष म्हणजे या सगळ्यासाठी कोणाही तज्ञाची किंवा भरपूर पैशांची अजिबात गरज नाही.

मापळे शेलटर्सच चीफ मॅनेजिन्ग डायरेक्टर सचिन अगरवाल सांगतात की, “आपल्याकडे उपलब्ध असलेली साधनसंपत्ती वाचवण्याची गरज सगळ्यांनाच पटली आहे. म्हणूनच सध्या पर्यावरणाला सहाय्य करणारे इकोफ्रेण्डली प्रोडक्ट्स बाजारात मोठ्या प्रमाणात उपलब्ध होत आहेत. ज्याचा वापर करून आपण अधिक प्रमाणात आपलं घर आणि त्याच्या आजुबाजुचा परिसर ‘ग्रीन’ ठेवू शकतो.”

आपण आपल्या घराचा विचार केल्यास चार प्रमुख भागांकडं लक्ष देणं गरजेचं आहे. प्लम्बिंग, लाईट, पेन्टीग आणि पाणी. पाण्याचा साठा करणं किती महत्त्वपूर्ण आहे, हे आपणाला माहितच आहे. पण पाणी साठवण आणि वापराच्या पद्धतींमध्ये आपण सुधारणा करू शकतो. सर्वप्रथम बाथरूम आणि टॉयलेटमधल्या पाण्याचा दाब कमी करा. असं केल्यास प्रत्येक फ्लशच्या वापरातून आपण दिवसाला अंदाजे १२ ते १५ लिटर पाण्याची बचत करू शकतो.

नळांना एअरेटर (aerator) बसवून घ्या. बाजारात मिळणाऱ्या नवीन नळांना हे एअरेटर सहज बसतात. एअरेटरमुळे पाणी आणि हवा एकत्र नळावाटे बाहेर पडतात त्यामुळे पाण्याचा प्रवाह कमी झाला तरी हवेमुळे त्याचा फ्लो कमी होत नाही. यामुळे पाण्याची मोठ्या प्रमाणात बचत होते. जर जुन्या नळांना एअरेटर बसत नसतील तर ती त्वरीत बदला. कारण एक नळ बदलण्याने कित्येक लिटर पाणी वाचू शकतं.

आपल्या घरातली दुसरी बचतीची गोष्ट म्हणजे वीज. तुम्हाला हे माहित आहे का की ८० टक्क्यांपेक्षा जास्त ऊर्जा ही प्रकाशासाठी नाही तर साध्या लाईट बल्बला गरम करण्यात खर्च होते? विजेचा हा असंतुलित वापर आहे. कारण बल्ब नुसता गरम करण्यात आपला काहीच फायदा नाही. उलट त्यामुळे घरातलं तापमान वाढतं. मग त्यावर उपाय म्हणून आपण फॅन किंवा एसी लावतो. त्यासाठी पुन्हा वीज खर्च होते ती वेगळीच. यावर उपाय म्हणजे सामान्य दर्जाचे बल्ब न वापरता एलईडी बल्ब्सचा वापर करा. ज्यामुळे विजेची बचत होण्यास मदत होईल. वीज बचतीचा हाच एकमेव उपाय आहे असं नाही. पण एलईडी बल्बचा वापर केल्यास वापरण्यात येणाऱ्या वीजेमध्ये दोन तृतियांश वीजेची बचत होते.

आपल्या तुमच्या घराच्या भिंतींना जो रंग दिला जातो त्याचा पर्यावरणाशी आणि आपल्या स्वास्थ्याशी जवळचा संबंध आहे. अनेक घरात कमी दर्जाचे स्वस्त रंग वापरले जातात. त्यातले वॉलटाइल ऑरगॅनिक कम्पाउण्ड्स आणि इतर धोकादायक पदार्थ हळूहळू हवेत मिसळली जातात. परिणामी घरात विषारी हवा खेळती राहते, ज्यामुळे घरातल्या माणसांना अॅलर्जी होण्याची शक्यता असते.

घराला दिलेल्या रंगाच्या वासामुळे दमा किंवा श्वास घेण्यास त्रास होत असेल तर इकोफ्रेण्डली वॉटर पेन्टचा वापर करा किंवा नो व्हीओसी (volatile organic compound) पेन्ट वापरा. सध्याच्या सगळ्या मॉर्डन पेन्ट स्टोअर्समध्ये अशा प्रकारचे पेन्ट उपलब्ध असतात. दुकानात गेल्यावर अशा प्रकारच्या पेन्टचीच मागणी करा. कोणत्याही पेन्टरच्या बोलण्यावर विश्वास ठेवू नका.

जर आपण घर पर्यावरणाला हानी पोहचवणाऱ्या गोष्टींपासून दूर ठेवलं तर आपल्या आजुबाजुलाही असे अनेक पर्याय दिसतील जे आपल्या परीसरासाठी, पर्यावरणासाठी आणि ऊर्जा बचतीसाठी हितकारक असतील. वर सांगितलेल्या काही उपायांप्रमाणे असे अजून अनेक पर्याय आहेत, ज्याने आपण विजेची बचत करू शकतो. जसं विण्डो फ्रेम्स बदलून त्या अधिक घट्ट बसतील अशा घ्या. जेणेकरून बाहेरील सूर्यप्रकाश खिडक्यांच्या फटीतून आत शिरणार नाही आणि एसीची हवा ही बाहेर जाणार नाही. यामुळे वीजेची बचत होईल. तसंच उन्हाच्या तीव्रतेचं प्रमाण कमी करण्यासाठी सिन्थेटिक पडद्यांऐवजी नैसर्गिक फायबरचे पडदे वापरा. शेवटी पर्यावरणाचं संवर्धन करणं हे आपलंच कर्तव्य आहे. त्यासाठी शोधलेले हे अनेक पर्याय.

Not everyone was able to take home sanidhyata of nature. But you would not live deprived of such things. Using some basic things, and you can increase the power and efficiency by changing something in daily life and can reduce paryavaranavaraca bharahi. It does not need a lot of money or whatever or whomever expert for all.

Mapale selatarsaca Chief menejinga Director Sachin Agarwal explains, You have convinced everyone needs to save resources available. So are currently available in large quantities in the market Products ikophrendali to aid the environment. Can be used by one more of our home and around the campus green can keep.

If you think your house is important to give attention to the four major bhagankadam. Plumbing, light, and water pentiga. How important is it to the water supply, it is you know. But the difference in water storage and use, you can improve. Reduce the first bathroom and toyaletamadhalya water pressure. If you can not use flush every liter of water savings of approximately 15 to 12 per day.

Nalanna earetara (aerator) take their seats. Sit easily earetara this new market will nalanna. Earetaramule sets out nalavate together so that the flow of water does not reduce the flow of water and air havemule when it was low. This saves large amounts of water. If you do not fit the old nalanna earetara that quickly changed. For many liters of water in a pipe can read the change.

Another thing is that your family in power savings. If you do not have the energy to light more than 80 per cent of the simple light bulb is heated to know the cost? This is the unbalanced use of electricity. Because the bulb does not use anything to your hot remark. But the gains of mandatory temperature. And as you burn AC or fan control measures. The cost of the electricity that was different. The solution is to use balbsaca LED bulb without the use of a common class. Which will help to save electricity. Electricity savings is not the only solution. But two-thirds of the electricity savings in electricity used if you use the LED bulb.

Which is given to the color of your walls in your house is the closest relationship to environment and your health. Many colors are used in low quality. And other dangerous substances are put volataila Organic kampaundsa gradually merged into the air. Resulting in toxic air remains aeration, which is expected to house people allergies.

Which may be difficult to color vasamule asthma or shortness of breath if ikophrendali house Penta Water Use or No vhiosi (volatile organic compound) paint use. Currently, all types of paint are available in Modern paint stores. Ask pentacica the last such shop. Do not trust any of pentara word.

If you kept away from pohacavanarya damage to your home environment ajubajulahi many options to see which of your campus, and the environment will be conducive to save energy. Some said that there are many options on upayampramane, that you can save electricity. Learn more tight places such as window frames and changing. In the sunlight outside the door so that no siranara will not be out of the windows and air esici. This will also save electricity. Use natural fiber padadyamaivaji synthetic curtains to reduce the heat as well tivratecam rate. Finally, it is the duty of apalanca to environmental conservation. They searched for many options.

Nisargācyā sānidhyāta ghara ghēṇaṁ pratyēkālāca śakya hōtaṁ asaṁ nāhī. Paṇa mhaṇūna tumhī aśā gōṣṭīmpāsūna van̄cita rāhāvaṁ asanhī nāhī. Kāhī mulabhūta gōṣṭīn̄cā vāpara karūna āṇi dainandina jīvanāta thōḍēphāra badala karūna tumhī ūrjā āṇi kāryakṣamatā vāḍhavū śakatā āṇi paryāvaraṇāvaracā bhārahī kamī karu śakatā. Viśēṣa mhaṇajē yā sagaḷyāsāṭhī kōṇāhī tajñācī kinvā bharapūra paiśān̄cī ajibāta garaja nāhī.

Māpaḷē śēlaṭarsaca cīpha mĕnējin’ga ḍāyarēkṭara sacina agaravāla sāṅgatāta kī, “āpalyākaḍē upalabdha asalēlī sādhanasampattī vācavaṇyācī garaja sagaḷyānnāca paṭalī āhē. Mhaṇūnaca sadhyā paryāvaraṇālā sahāyya karaṇārē ikōphrēṇḍalī prōḍakṭsa bājārāta mōṭhyā pramāṇāta upalabdha hōta āhēta. Jyācā vāpara karūna āpaṇa adhika pramāṇāta āpalaṁ ghara āṇi tyācyā ājubājucā parisara’grīna’ ṭhēvū śakatō.”

Āpaṇa āpalyā gharācā vicāra kēlyāsa cāra pramukha bhāgāṅkaḍaṁ lakṣa dēṇaṁ garajēcaṁ āhē. Plambiṅga, lā’īṭa, pēnṭīga āṇi pāṇī. Pāṇyācā sāṭhā karaṇaṁ kitī mahattvapūrṇa āhē, hē āpaṇālā māhitaca āhē. Paṇa pāṇī sāṭhavaṇa āṇi vāparācyā pad’dhatīmmadhyē āpaṇa sudhāraṇā karū śakatō. Sarvaprathama bātharūma āṇi ṭŏyalēṭamadhalyā pāṇyācā dāba kamī karā. Asaṁ kēlyāsa pratyēka phlaśacyā vāparātūna āpaṇa divasālā andājē 12 tē 15 liṭara pāṇyācī bacata karū śakatō.

Naḷānnā ē’arēṭara (aerator) basavūna ghyā. Bājārāta miḷaṇāṟyā navīna naḷānnā hē ē’arēṭara sahaja basatāta. Ē’arēṭaramuḷē pāṇī āṇi havā ēkatra naḷāvāṭē bāhēra paḍatāta tyāmuḷē pāṇyācā pravāha kamī jhālā tarī havēmuḷē tyācā phlō kamī hōta nāhī. Yāmuḷē pāṇyācī mōṭhyā pramāṇāta bacata hōtē. Jara jun’yā naḷānnā ē’arēṭara basata nasatīla tara tī tvarīta badalā. Kāraṇa ēka naḷa badalaṇyānē kityēka liṭara pāṇī vācū śakataṁ.

Āpalyā gharātalī dusarī bacatīcī gōṣṭa mhaṇajē vīja. Tumhālā hē māhita āhē kā kī 80 ṭakkyāmpēkṣā jāsta ūrjā hī prakāśāsāṭhī nāhī tara sādhyā lā’īṭa balbalā garama karaṇyāta kharca hōtē? Vijēcā hā asantulita vāpara āhē. Kāraṇa balba nusatā garama karaṇyāta āpalā kāhīca phāyadā nāhī. Ulaṭa tyāmuḷē gharātalaṁ tāpamāna vāḍhataṁ. Maga tyāvara upāya mhaṇūna āpaṇa phĕna kinvā ēsī lāvatō. Tyāsāṭhī punhā vīja kharca hōtē tī vēgaḷīca. Yāvara upāya mhaṇajē sāmān’ya darjācē balba na vāparatā ēla’īḍī balbsacā vāpara karā. Jyāmuḷē vijēcī bacata hōṇyāsa madata hō’īla. Vīja bacatīcā hāca ēkamēva upāya āhē asaṁ nāhī. Paṇa ēla’īḍī balbacā vāpara kēlyāsa vāparaṇyāta yēṇāṟyā vījēmadhyē dōna tr̥tiyānśa vījēcī bacata hōtē.

Āpalyā tumacyā gharācyā bhintīnnā jō raṅga dilā jātō tyācā paryāvaraṇāśī āṇi āpalyā svāsthyāśī javaḷacā sambandha āhē. Anēka gharāta kamī darjācē svasta raṅga vāparalē jātāta. Tyātalē vŏlaṭā’ila ŏragĕnika kampā’uṇḍsa āṇi itara dhōkādāyaka padārtha haḷūhaḷū havēta misaḷalī jātāta. Pariṇāmī gharāta viṣārī havā khēḷatī rāhatē, jyāmuḷē gharātalyā māṇasānnā a̔ĕlarjī hōṇyācī śakyatā asatē.

Gharālā dilēlyā raṅgācyā vāsāmuḷē damā kinvā śvāsa ghēṇyāsa trāsa hōta asēla tara ikōphrēṇḍalī vŏṭara pēnṭacā vāpara karā kinvā nō vhī’ōsī (volatile organic compound) pēnṭa vāparā. Sadhyācyā sagaḷyā mŏrḍana pēnṭa sṭō’arsamadhyē aśā prakāracē pēnṭa upalabdha asatāta. Dukānāta gēlyāvara aśā prakāracyā pēnṭacīca māgaṇī karā. Kōṇatyāhī pēnṭaracyā bōlaṇyāvara viśvāsa ṭhēvū nakā.

Jara āpaṇa ghara paryāvaraṇālā hānī pōhacavaṇāṟyā gōṣṭīmpāsūna dūra ṭhēvalaṁ tara āpalyā ājubājulāhī asē anēka paryāya disatīla jē āpalyā parīsarāsāṭhī, paryāvaraṇāsāṭhī āṇi ūrjā bacatīsāṭhī hitakāraka asatīla. Vara sāṅgitalēlyā kāhī upāyāmpramāṇē asē ajūna anēka paryāya āhēta, jyānē āpaṇa vijēcī bacata karū śakatō. Jasaṁ viṇḍō phrēmsa badalūna tyā adhika ghaṭṭa basatīla aśā ghyā. Jēṇēkarūna bāhērīla sūryaprakāśa khiḍakyān̄cyā phaṭītūna āta śiraṇāra nāhī āṇi ēsīcī havā hī bāhēra jāṇāra nāhī. Yāmuḷē vījēcī bacata hō’īla. Tasan̄ca unhācyā tīvratēcaṁ pramāṇa kamī karaṇyāsāṭhī sinthēṭika paḍadyāṁaivajī naisargika phāyabaracē paḍadē vāparā. Śēvaṭī paryāvaraṇācaṁ sanvardhana karaṇaṁ hē āpalan̄ca kartavya āhē. Tyāsāṭhī śōdhalēlē hē anēka paryāya.


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Decorate home with antique


‘अॅण्टिक’ने घर सजवताना…

> अॅण्टिकमुळे घराला एक वेगळाच लूक येतो, म्हणून जुने बाजार धुंडाळून जमवलेल्या भरमसाठ गोष्टी घरात मांडून ठेवणं चांगलं दिसणार नाही. अशा वस्तू कुठे आणि कशा पद्धतीने ठेवायच्या यासाठी वेगळी अभिरूची लागते.

> घरात वस्तूंची गर्दी टाळण्याचा सोपा उपाय म्हणजे एखादी आकाराने मोठी, लक्ष वेधून घेईल अशी वस्तू निवडा. उदा. नेहमीपेक्षा मोठा आरसा, कॉफी टेबल. पेण्टिंग इत्यादी. ही वस्तू खोलीच्या मध्यभागी ठेऊन बाकीच्या छोट्या-मोठ्या वस्तू इतरत्र ठेवा. यामुळे सजावट करताना तुम्हाला केंद्रबिंदू मिळेल आणि पाहणाऱ्यालाही ते सुटसुटीत दिसेल.

> अॅण्टिक खरेदी करताना आवडेल ती प्रत्येक आणि कुठलीही गोष्ट खरेदी केली जाण्याची दाट शक्यता असते. त्यामुळे शांत डोक्याने, विचारपूर्वक वस्तू निवडा.

> जुन्या वस्तूंमध्ये पैसे गुंतवताना त्या आजच्या, दैनंदिन जीवनातही कशा उपयोगी पडतील याचा विचार करा. उदा. व्हिण्टेज कोट रॅक, छत्र्या ठेवण्यासाठी होल्डर किंवा दोन खोल्यांच्या मधल्या रूंद जागेतला आरसा इत्यादी.

> सजावटीच्या वस्तू आणि इतर फर्निचरमध्ये सुसंगती असली, तरच घर सुंदर दिसतं. उदा. फर्निचर, घरातले सोफे, उशा, गालिचे आधुनिक डिझाइन किंवा पद्धतीचे असतील आणि सजावटीच्या वस्तू व्हिंटेज असतील, तर ते चांगलं दिसणार नाही.

> अॅण्टिक खरेदी करताना पठडीबाज विचार करू नका. उलट पटकन आवडेल ते खरेदी करा. अशा सहज घेतलेल्या वस्तूच बरेचदा जास्त छान दिसतात. खरेदीला जाताना डोक्यात विशिष्ट कल्पना ठेऊन जाऊ नका.

> अॅण्टिक जितके छान दिसतात, तितकेच ते वजनाला जड आणि देखभालीसाठीही क्लिष्ट असतात. त्यामुळे मोजक्या वस्तू ठेवा. म्हणजे त्या हलवणं, त्यांची देखभाल करणं सोपं जाईल. उदा. आरसा, टेबल, वॉल हँगिंग. यामुळे खोलीत थोडासा मोकळेपणाही राहिल.

> अॅण्टिक खरेदी करताना ते ज्या खोलीत ठेवणार आहात, त्याच्या रंगाचाही विचार करा.

Aentikane home sajavatana

> Aentikamule house comes with a different look, as the old market will not see good things in the house to keep the regions exorbitant dhundaluna gang. Where and in what way such a thing has liking for a different role.

> A large size of the simplest things in the house to avoid the rush, select the objects that will catch attention. Eg. Large mirror, coffee table than usual. Pentinga etc. Keep these things in the middle of the room while the rest of the smalllarge vessels elsewhere. This will be the focus when you pahanaryalahi decoration and easier to see.

> Aentika would like to buy it when it is likely to be buying any and every thing. So cool head, select the objects studied.

> In today’s money invested in their old items, consider how it will be useful in daily life. Eg. Vhinteja coat rack, mirror, etc. umbrellas to keep the holder or two rooms in the middle of the wide jagetala.

> Other furniture and decorative objects in real compatibility, if the house looks beautiful. Eg. Furniture, house sofa, pillows, carpet and modern design or method of Vintage decorative objects, if they do not see it.

> Do not think pathadibaja when buying aentika. Buy it‘ll quickly reversed. More easily taken quite nice to see such a thing. Do not go by the idea of a specific head when buying.

> Aentika look as nice, they are equally complex and heavy, weighing dekhabhalisathihi. So keep a few things. That they halavanam, It will be easy to take care of them. Eg. Glass, table, wall hanging. This will free any room.

> When buying aentika that you keep the room, consider his rangacahi.

‘A̔ĕṇṭika’nē ghara sajavatānā…

> a̔ĕṇṭikamuḷē gharālā ēka vēgaḷāca lūka yētō, mhaṇūna junē bājāra dhuṇḍāḷūna jamavalēlyā bharamasāṭha gōṣṭī gharāta māṇḍūna ṭhēvaṇaṁ cāṅgalaṁ disaṇāra nāhī. Aśā vastū kuṭhē āṇi kaśā pad’dhatīnē ṭhēvāyacyā yāsāṭhī vēgaḷī abhirūcī lāgatē.

> Gharāta vastūn̄cī gardī ṭāḷaṇyācā sōpā upāya mhaṇajē ēkhādī ākārānē mōṭhī, lakṣa vēdhūna ghē’īla aśī vastū nivaḍā. Udā. Nēhamīpēkṣā mōṭhā ārasā, kŏphī ṭēbala. Pēṇṭiṅga ityādī. Hī vastū khōlīcyā madhyabhāgī ṭhē’ūna bākīcyā chōṭyā-mōṭhyā vastū itaratra ṭhēvā. Yāmuḷē sajāvaṭa karatānā tumhālā kēndrabindū miḷēla āṇi pāhaṇāṟyālāhī tē suṭasuṭīta disēla.

> A̔ĕṇṭika kharēdī karatānā āvaḍēla tī pratyēka āṇi kuṭhalīhī gōṣṭa kharēdī kēlī jāṇyācī dāṭa śakyatā asatē. Tyāmuḷē śānta ḍōkyānē, vicārapūrvaka vastū nivaḍā.

> Jun’yā vastūmmadhyē paisē guntavatānā tyā ājacyā, dainandina jīvanātahī kaśā upayōgī paḍatīla yācā vicāra karā. Udā. Vhiṇṭēja kōṭa rĕka, chatryā ṭhēvaṇyāsāṭhī hōlḍara kinvā dōna khōlyān̄cyā madhalyā rūnda jāgētalā ārasā ityādī.

> Sajāvaṭīcyā vastū āṇi itara pharnicaramadhyē susaṅgatī asalī, taraca ghara sundara disataṁ. Udā. Pharnicara, gharātalē sōphē, uśā, gālicē ādhunika ḍijhā’ina kinvā pad’dhatīcē asatīla āṇi sajāvaṭīcyā vastū vhiṇṭēja asatīla, tara tē cāṅgalaṁ disaṇāra nāhī.

> A̔ĕṇṭika kharēdī karatānā paṭhaḍībāja vicāra karū nakā. Ulaṭa paṭakana āvaḍēla tē kharēdī karā. Aśā sahaja ghētalēlyā vastūca barēcadā jāsta chāna disatāta. Kharēdīlā jātānā ḍōkyāta viśiṣṭa kalpanā ṭhē’ūna jā’ū nakā.

> A̔ĕṇṭika jitakē chāna disatāta, titakēca tē vajanālā jaḍa āṇi dēkhabhālīsāṭhīhī kliṣṭa asatāta. Tyāmuḷē mōjakyā vastū ṭhēvā. Mhaṇajē tyā halavaṇaṁ, tyān̄cī dēkhabhāla karaṇaṁ sōpaṁ jā’īla. Udā. Ārasā, ṭēbala, vŏla ham̐giṅga. Yāmuḷē khōlīta thōḍāsā mōkaḷēpaṇāhī rāhila.

> A̔ĕṇṭika kharēdī karatānā tē jyā khōlīta ṭhēvaṇāra āhāta, tyācyā raṅgācāhī vicāra karā.


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Pregnancy appreciated through photos

प्रेग्नसीचं कौतुक फोटोंमधून



प्रेग्नसी आता फक्त स्टायलिश कपडे घालून मिरवण्यापुरती राहिलेली नाही, तर त्यासाठी खास ‘मॅटर्निटी फोटोग्राफी’ करण्याला पसंती मिळतेय.

चारचौघांत मनमोकळं आणि बिनधास्त वावरणं प्रत्येक प्रेग्नंट महिलेला पसंत असतंच असं नाही. त्यामुळे ते ‘मिरवणं’ दूरच राहतं. आता मात्र काही महिला वर्गामध्ये मिरवण्यापलीकडे प्रेग्नन्सीला ‘ग्लॅमर’ आलंय, ते मॅटर्निटी फोटोशूटमधून! परदेशात लोकप्रिय असलेला हा ट्रेंड आपल्याकडे आला आहे. विशिष्ट थीम घेऊन सात ते नवव्या महिन्यामध्ये इनडोअर आणि आउटडोअर फोटोशूट करायला प्रेग्नंट महिला, जोडप्यांची पसंती मिळतेय.


आपल्याकडे फक्त डोहाळेजेवणाचे फोटो आवडीनं काढले जातात. या कार्यक्रमाव्यतिरिक्त खास म्हणून फोटोशूट होत नव्हतं. आता ‘मॅटर्निटी फोटोशूट’च्या निमित्तानं त्याचा विचार होतोय. न्यूड आणि ड्रेस्ड असे दोन प्रकार या फोटोशूटमध्ये येतात. जोडप्यांच्या पसंतीनुसार इनडोअर किंवा आउटडोअर शूट केलं जातं. सात ते नवव्या महिन्यात काढलेले फोटो आणि डिलिव्हरीनंतरचे फोटो (बाळ, आई आणि वडील त्याच मॅटर्निटी शूटच्या पोझमध्ये) असं पॅकेजही काही ठिकाणी केलं जातं.

नुकतंच ‘मॅटर्निटी फोटोशूट’ केलेली अमृता गायकवाड म्हणते, की प्रेग्नसीची माझी पहिलीच वेळ होती आणि ती आठवणीत राहावी यासाठी मला खास फोटोशूट करायचं होतं. तशी सुविधा असल्याचं कळल्यानंतर मी आणि माझ्या नवऱ्यानं लगेचच शूट करून घेतलं. यात मला लाजिरवाणं काहीच वाटलं नाही. उलट, मी त्या क्षणांचा खूप आनंद घेतला.
प्रसिद्ध फोटोग्राफर हरप्रित बच्चरच्या मते, परदेशात हा ट्रेंड खूप जुना आहे. आपल्याकडेही त्याची ओळख होऊन खूप दिवस झाले. भारतात आलेल्या परदेशी जोडप्यांचं शूट मी केलंय. भारतीय जोडपीही असं शूट करतात; पण ते फक्त उच्चवर्गीयांपुरतंच मर्यादित आहे. मात्र, येत्या पाच-दहा वर्षात याचं प्रमाण बरंच वाढेल, याची खात्री मला वाटते.

मॅटर्निटी फोटोशूट करणाऱ्या स्टुडिओपैकी एक म्हणजे ‘डॅझ फोटोग्राफी’ याचे फोटोग्राफर डॅनिश ओबेरॉय म्हणतात, ‘मी सात महिन्यांपासून मॅटर्निटी फोटोशूट सुरू केलं असून, आतापर्यंत आठ शूट झाले आहेत. त्याला उत्तम प्रतिसाद मिळतोय आणि त्याविषयी महिलावर्गामध्ये माहितीही वेगानं पसरत आहे. मराठी आणि अमराठी दोन्ही जोडप्यांची अशा फोटोशूटला पसंती मिळत आहे.’

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Shomshuklla all praise for her film’s team

Shomshuklla all praise for her film’s team

Filmmaker Shomshuklla Das has high expectations from Chhuttii Aar Picnic, which is being released in Kolkata today .According to Shomshuklla, the film, which is an adaptation of Rabindranath Tagore’s Sesher Kobita, has a modern storyline. It has already bagged awards at the Madrid and Columbia Gorge international film festivals, and has won eight nominations in various categories at the upcoming London International Film Festival.

“I felt the need to present Tagore to the new generation in a way they could identify with.Hence, I’ve kept the story and characters in sync with the times,“ she says.

The love story revolves around three characters Sikha (Sohini Mukherjee Roy), Labanya (Shahana Chatterjee) and Amit (Uditvanu Das) -all strangers on a vacation at the same destination.When Sikha sees love brewing between Labanya and Amit, she acts as the bridge that brings them together. The film was shot in Goa in a span of two weeks.Shomshuklla says, “Shahana, Uditvanu and Sikha worked so hard that their first take itself would be perfect. It was a great unit -right from my technical team to the actors.“

Chhuttii Aar Picnic, produced by Cut To Cut Productions, releases today.

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Designer duo recognised with a national honour in the Capital

Designer duo recognised with a national honour in the Capital
Internationally acclaimed designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock added another feather to their cap by winning the Bharat Samman Award, which was constituted by the NRI Institute 27 years ago. The ceremony was held in the Capital recently . After competing with 125 nations and winning the World Fashion Designer Award at the Miss World Beauty Pageant, the designers are already raising their bar for 2015. The Bharat Samman Awards are given to a select group of people of Indian origin for outstanding achievements in their chosen field of activities. Recognition is given to entrepreneurs, businessmen and philanthropists who have dedicated their lives to making India proud.This is the first time that the award has been given to fashion designers for their outstanding work.

The couple says, “We work really hard to take our brand overseas and create recog nition worldwide. We want to keep expanding and establishing our unique fashion sensibility globally .

This award puts India on the inter national fashion map and testifies the power of the country on the global front. 2015 is already off to great start for us and we would like to thank the insti tute for bestowing this honour upon us.” Known for their impeccable designs, the two have a track record of dressing the most coveted style icons in the world. Their designs are favourites with the likes of Britney Spears, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry , JLo and Fergie, to name a few. More recently , their SS15 designs were spotted on Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea, Willow Shields (of Hunger Games fame), Demi Lovato and Kylie Jenner, straight off the runway . Among other shows, the designers showcase their collection at New York Fashion Week and India Bridal Week. Up next on anvil for them is the India Beach Fashion Week, where they will showcase their latest collection of resortwear as grand finale designers.

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