223 crore cover for Kings Circle mandal Organizers Prefer Govt Insurers Over Pvt Cos

223 crore cover for Kings Circle mandal

Organizers Prefer Govt Insurers Over Pvt Cos

    Ganpati mandals say they trust nationalized insurance companies over private players for purchasing festival policies. The business is so competitive that the insurers have a no-poaching agreement with one another.
    Mumbai’s prize account is that of GSB Seva Mandal, Kings Circle, which has insured itself for Rs223 crore this year. “I will not reveal the winning bidder or the premium we pay because we call for tenders and then select the proper bid,” said spokesperson Satish Nayak.
    “We always choose a nationalized firm. Private companies may or may not honour a claim. Settling claims with a private firm depends on the liaison officer you get, but nationalized insurers follow time-honoured regulations,” he added.
    GSB’s policy includes an all-risk cover of Rs20 crore, a similar amount goes towards public liability and Rs182 crore constitutes personal accident cover at Rs10 lakh per head including workers, volunteers and priests.
    Andhericha Raja has an insurance cover of Rs3.7 crore from National Insurance. “We prefer government firms since they have a reputation that comes with being in business for so many decades,” mandal spokesperson Uday Salian said.
    Andhericha Raja’s largest chunk of Rs1.75 crore covers threat by terrorism while Rs75 lakh protects the deity’s ornaments. Another crore insures mandal volunteers while the remaining covers public liability. The Raja’s visarjan procession on the following “Sankashti” is also covered.
    Lalbaugcha Raja has settled on two public insurance companies for separate policies. The first covers immersion processions city-wide. “We have a Rs20 crore policy from United India Assurance to insure all devotees in the city. This covers people who suffer permanent disability during visarjan or die by drowning,” says mandal president Ashok Pawar.
    For itself the m a n d a l h a s sought a Rs51 crore policy from New India Assurance. This spans public liability of Rs30 crore, third-party insurance of Rs10 crore and ornaments for Rs 7.5 c r o r e . L a l – b a u g ch a R a j a ’s property and set is insured for Rs 3.5 crore. PROMINENT MANDALS
    Thanks to the abiding creativity of Mumbai’s idol-makers, the city sees an array of beautiful Ganeshas this time of the year. From the smiling, athletic Ganraj of Lalbaug to the squat, dazzling South Indian Ganesha of GSB, each is regal in form. In the first of a two-part series TOI profiles eight prominent pandals of Ganeshotsav 2013
Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav LOCATION | LALBAUG USP | Now in its 80th year, Lalbaugcha Raja has acquired the status of showstopper in Mumbai’s Ganpati parade. Koli fisherwomen had installed the idol as a thanksgiving present for the local market. Local business booms during Ganeshotsav. Thousands of devotees pay for VIP passes or wait in queue for hours for darshan
Ganesh Gully Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav LOCATION | GANESH GULLY, LALBAUG USP | The original draw of Lalbaug, the 86-year-old mandal has the advantage of spacious grounds to create gigantic replicas of palaces and temples. The striking permanent idol of Lord Shiva in the precinct watches over a beautiful structure of the Somnath temple this season
Keshavji Naik Chawl Ganeshotsav Mandal
USP | The city’s first public Ganeshotsav enters its 121st year with a little flourish. Lokmanya Tilak had inspired this celebration in 1893. This year, poet Vinayak Rahatekar, who lives in Keshavji Naik chawl, has written a few verses suggesting the importance of 121 to Indian culture. Decorations are expected to be brighter than usual, says member Vinod Satpute
GSB Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Samiti LOCATION | RAM MANDIR, WADALA USP | Another pillar of GSB celebrations in the city, the Wadala mandir is proud of the multiple pujas that accompany Ganeshotsav. “We invite priests who follow scriptural instructions to the letter,” says chairman N N Pal. Eknath Thakur of Saraswat Bank and Karnataka minister R V Deshpande will open celebrations
GSB Seva Mandal LOCATION | KINGS CIRCLE USP | The Goud Saraswat Brahmin (GSB) Ganesh Mandal at Kings Circle is believed to be the richest in the city despite its five-day tenure. The South Indian-style idol is seated in a gigantic pandal measuring 90,000 sq ft and bedecked with golden jewellery. GSB has bought insurance cover worth 223 crore this year
Khetwadi 11th Lane Ganeshotsav Samiti
The mandal is the pride of Khetwadi among several Ganesh pandals that adorn various lanes. This year 11th Lane has brought home a 28-ft tall Ganpati, which it claims is the tallest in the city. The strikingly beautiful idol strikes a pose standing on one foot atop the ‘mooshak’ (mouse) and is housed in a palace setting
Azad Nagar Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Samiti
More familiar as the Andhericha Raja, the deity is seated in a replica of the Ashtavinayak temple of Ranjangaon. Devotee Sudhakar Pujari from Hong Kong has donated gold jewellery after begetting a son by the Raja’s grace. Andhericha Raja is immersed on the Sankashti that follows Chaturdashi
Tulsiwadi Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal LOCATION | TULSIWADI, TARDEO
The main street of Tardeo is festooned with posters announcing the platinum anniversary of the Tulsiwadi Ganesh. The tall 25-ft idol is covered with coloured stones in its 75th year. Mandal president N P Yadav says theirs is an apolitical festival

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Emotional intelligence linked to professional success

    Analytical and technical skills may serve as a minimum
requirement for success but it’s emotional intelligence that is the attribute that distinguishes outstanding performers from average performers
according to Chris Moser, Ed D, assistant professor in the College of Education, and Cheri Hampton-Farmer, Ph D, assistant professor and chair of communication, who said, “When individuals have developed good interpersonal
skills, they are able to manage conflict by selecting an appropriate response that achieves a peaceful and equitable solution, another attribute.”

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Taking a cue from concept cafés in Japan, book cafés are popping up all over India



Taking a cue from concept cafés in Japan, book cafés are popping up all over India. A blessing to bibliophiles, these places come with their own mini libraries. Sip your cappuccino and grab a bite, while checking out the bookshelves,

    Years ago, hanging out at the local café was a trend we were familiar with only in popular American sitcoms (remember Friends, Sex and the City?) Little did we know that when the coffee shop culture would hit the country, the café would become a buzzing hotspot for an entire generation – from meeting up with friends and having serious business meetings to working on the laptop in solitude. Now, giving a twist to your regular café, reading cafés in metros are on the rise. You can indulge your love for reading or browsing through a library of books, as well as enjoy a tasty snack.
Not your regular coffee shop
Unlike a coffee shop, a reading café is conducive to a more literary environment, lined with mini bookshelves within the space that has a handpicked selection of books. So if you forget to carry a novel with you, there’s always a library to choose from. While your regular café is centred around eating, here, the combination of food, as well as reading, attracts avid readers and bibliophiles. Mumbai-based IT student Sushant Bose, a regular at his neighbourhood book café, shares, “These cafés have a pretty laid-back feel to them, have interesting items on the menu and boast of great book collections. The café I visit has hordes of comics, which I can borrow for an hourly fee or subscribe for a monthly membership. I can read all the comics I want, at a reasonable rate and enjoy good food simultaneously. It has currently become my favourite hangout.”
    No wonder this concept is fast gaining popularity in urban metros like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad, amongst book lovers, who would rather wander the aisles of bookshelves at a café, than a library or standard bookstore. “People want to go to places that have a feel of ‘home away from home’. In fact, like restaurants, even book cafés have started giving attention to the kind of food they serve. They might offer natural and wholesome meals, which are easy to eat, while one has a book in hand. Sandwiches, pastas and light sides make for a good selection,” says Priyanka Malhotra,owner of a well-known café-restaurant in New Delhi.
It nurtures reading
Book cafés provide an ideal space for reading, where people can choose a book and settle down to read over a cup of tea or coffee. This ambience nurtures the habit of reading, offering an intimate place for people, where you have no loud music or TV screens to distract you. The idea behind these places is to create an environment that is introspective yet light and fun. “We want to promote the culture of reading comics, which is not very popular in India. So in our café, we house over 2,500 comics and manga series from all over the world, even those which aren’t available in India. And alongside we have a continental spread of snacks, which our customers can enjoy,” says Utsa Shome, co-founder of book cafés in Mumbai and Bangalore. Books, coffee and food, are you game for this heady combination?
Ladies, if playing nice didn’t get you anywhere, it’s time to get ahead by unleashing the fiery diva within. Pay heed to a host of non-fiction writers who are encouraging women to speak their mind and stand up for themselves.
1. Bad Girl’s Guide to Getting What You Want: The Bad Girl’s Guide series of books by Cameron Tuttle is a collection of tips and tricks for scoring love, fame, money, power, parking space, and other essentials.
2. Kiss My Tiara: How to Rule the World as a SmartMouth Goddess: Susan Jane Gilman gives uncommon advice on everything from sex to office politics.
3. The Inner Bitch Guide to Men, Relationships, Dating, Etc:
This book from Elizabeth Hilts’ Bitch series is a humorous and practical guide to having a successful relationship.
4. Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: Comedian Steve Harvey gives a male perspective on what men really think about love, intimacy, and commitment.
5. Why Men Love Bitches: Sherry Argov’s no-nonsense guide reveals why a strong woman is much more desirable than a ‘yes woman’ who routinely sacrifices herself.

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My earliest memory of food I It’s the amazing homecooked meals I’d have during summer holidays at my grandmum’s palatial home in Jaipur. The lip-smacking kulfi she bought me from the vendor outside her house is something I can never forget!
My favourite recipe I Sai bhaji (Sindhi dish with spinach) and pulao. It’s my soul food.
My ‘ma ke haath ka khana’ I Is absolutely delicious. Even if I am full, I end up eating whatever she has made. I love to cook I I used to cook daily till a few years back, but today it’s a luxury for me, since my work takes up most of my time.
Whenever I enter the kitchen, I end up making I
Cakes. I enjoy baking desserts for my son. When at work I I hardly eat outside food. I have all my meals including my two-hourly snacks delivered from home.
The best meal I’ve had till date I
I once had a fantastic meal in a quaint English pub in the countryside of England with my close friends. The meal started off with lunch and ended way past dinner.
A dessert I’d never wish to give up I
Orange-flavoured dark chocolate.

Spinach: 2 medium bunches I Khatta leaves: 1/2 medium bunch I Oil: 4 tbsp I Cumin seeds: 1/2 tsp I Onion (finely chopped ): 2 I Ginger (finely chopped): 1-inch piece I Green chilli (finely chopped): 3 to 4 I Brinjal (small, cut into 1-inch cubes): 2 I Split bengal gram (chana dal) soaked: 4 tbsp I Tomatoes (large, roughly chopped): 2 I Turmeric powder: 1/4 tsp I Red chilli powder: 1 tsp I Salt: to taste
Cut the spinach and half the khatta leaves into fine shreds. Heat oil in a pressure cooker and add the cumin seeds, onions, ginger and green chillies and sauté till golden brown. Add some water. Add the spinach, whole khatta leaves, shredded khatta leaves, brinjal, potato cubes, soaked chana dal, tomatoes, turmeric powder, chilli powder and salt. Stir in two cups of water. Seal the cooker with the lid and cook on high heat till the pressure is released once. Once cooked, remove the potato cubes with a slotted spoon and blend the remaining mixture with a hand blender. Add the potato cubes. Serve hot.

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Gone ‘fravelling’ yet?


Gone ‘fravelling’ yet?

That’s friends + travelling. Going on a vacation with your best buddy could be the one break that will truly rejuvenate you,

    The thought of going on a holiday leaving your spouse and kids behind may sound blasphemous, but it seems like a lot of people are opting for vacations with their closest friends. An online survey, conducted on the eve of Friendship Day last year, says that the number of people opting for vacations with friends has increased manifold in the last couple of years. Fravelling (travelling with friends) is the new girls/boys night out, ladies and gentlemen.
    With the hectic lifestyle that we lead, a retreat with old friends is a great way to have new experiences, revisit old ones, and just be yourself. It would offer a chance to experience the old ‘you’ that you may have forgotten. Cooped up in all the roles you are supposed to play inyour adult lives — father/mother, husband/wife, daughter/son-in-law — what could be better than getting a chance to just be yourself, while discovering a new destination? Expedition leader and travel writer Tushar Agarwal says, “Going on a road trip with your friends is the best way to find that lost connection. It’s not just about forging a connection with your old friends, but also about rediscovering yourself and taking you back to your school or college days, when you weren’t caught up with family life. Also, when you are vacationing with friends, you are free of family responsibilities and can be yourself. You feel liberated.”
    Ritika Salvi, a housewife, who recently took a holiday with her college friends, shares, “I was meeting my friends after a decade. This holiday turned out to be one of my best experiences in a very long time.”
    Fravelling also reveals a new side to an existing friendship. Says Varkha Chulani, psychologist, “On a day-to-day basis, when we meet our friends, for dinner, movies or coffee, we bond on a superficial level and often don’t get the chance to talk about issues at leisure. But on a vacation, even if you fight, you open up and vent your feelings better, thus bringing forth a completely different aspect of your relationship.”
    It’s time to book for a nostalgic trip.
5 tips to make your travel plans smooth
Zero down on a destination that you and your friends will enjoy. If you’re a beach bum and one of your friends is a culture vulture, who doesn’t like the sun, try finding a place which has something to satisfy both of you.
    Think carefully before sharing a room with your buddy. As fun and convenient as it sounds, sharing your private space may trigger many commonplace problems. For example, while you may like to sleep with the lights on, it can inconvenience your friend.
    From booking flight tickets to making hotel reservations, it’s always good to distribute the planning and organising responsibilities. If just one person shoulders the whole responsibility, he or she may feel overburdened.
    To avoid disputes on money matters, agree on your travelling style and other budgets in advance. Keep a tab on who’s paying the bills.
    Discuss frankly what each of you expect from the holiday. If one wants to rest and recuperate, while the other wants to party all night, problems may crop up.

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Why are men scared of strong women?

Why are men scared of strong women?

Men find it difficult to deal with strong, capable women colleagues! But is this really a gender issue?

    Is it true that men constantly try to pull down women at the workplace? Why? Perhaps they do so because they consider the office, and in particular, the corridors of power, their original territory! And a woman walking down the same corridor is something they still haven’t got used to.
    Or, maybe men are convinced that women are inferior, and so give them short shrift. Or, is it because knowing the weakness of their own sex, men fear that susceptible male bosses may give women colleagues more attention and bigger promotions?
    Whatever the reason, the fact remains that a woman with a strong personality and even average looks can strike terror in the hearts of male colleagues for no fault of hers. If a woman has a mind of her own and dares to question a decision or make a point strongly, she is instantly labelled “enemy” for she has violated the traditional code of conduct between the sexes! And so as a protective response, men label her “difficult to work with”, “hard to get along”, “tough to handle” or “not willing to listen”. This is the global mantra of guys who find it difficult to accept a woman on an equal footing, intellectually or professionally.
    Most women professionals realise early on that in order to be heard and taken seriously, they will have to adopt a somewhat serious mien and a nononsense approach. It is only strong women who make it to the top, others fall by the wayside. A softie just will not do, she will be an easy doormat for men to walk over. They will take her lightly and try to fix her in the slot they are most comfortable with — a biddable or sexy type who can be controlled through manipulation. But give men a stern, nononsense approach and they will stand at a distance and wonder what to make of you.
    But reflect upon the issue a bit, and you realise that the situation is not as simple as a male-female gender face-off. Certainly, the gender edge aggravates it, but the issue is more about fields of control rather than men not able to accept women at work. And so, as a male colleague puts it, “Men don’t get along even with each other in office situations, except when their work relationships are sharply defined as junior and senior. And when it comes to women, you have to be mature if you are not to feel challenged and diminished. The fact is that women at the top are all the strong ones, who have grown against a lot of opposition from colleagues.”
    The competition between women at the same level is equally intense and dirty. And probably that’s how the top bosses like it to remain. Jagged edges, unrealised dreams, unfulfilled desires, and circles just short of completion, all make for edgy people who will give it their last shot to move ahead, rather than sit back in sated glory.
    Says Meenakshi Lekhi, advocate and national spokesperson, BJP, and one of the strongest women I know, “Fearing and pulling down people is not gender-specific. This is more to do with the psychology of a person. People who lack confidence and are greedy to gain power by hook or by crook, will attack and pull others down. The fact is that it is a competitive world and when people cannot pull you down on merit, they indulge in attacks based on extraneous issues. Men and women get affected equally. I have come across many very decent men, and also very indecent women.”
    And so insecure people all pull down each other, but when it comes to men and women, the situation takes a dramatic turn because at stake here is not just a promotion or hike, but the entire power play between the sexes. Traditionally, a man’s superiority and masculine image has come from the protector-provider role he has played towards women. The role a woman plays in evolution and the cycle of life is enough to make men feel inadequate in any case, and psychiatrists also talk about a man’s deep-seated fear of being rendered unnecessary and redundant. And so a strong woman who can step out and take him on at office as well, makes an insecure man feel emasculated and inadequate. In order to validate his own worth, a man may prefer women to lead lives of dependence and incompetence.
    However, let us not ignore the fact that there is an increasing tribe of men who are more evolved and able to accept a woman as an equal being without seriously harming their own psyche. They treat women well, try to understand them, accept their thinking and go along with their ideas as much as with those of other men.
    Here is to that increasing tribe of non-challenged men!

It’s Your Life — Best of O-zone by Vinita Dawra Nangia. Available at leading bookstores and Or call 8010058888/8010558888. for doorstep delivery

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British adventurer, writer and TV presenter Bear Grylls tells

British adventurer, writer and TV presenter Bear Grylls tells Nona Walia why jungle (concrete and real) survival is all about knowing how to laugh at yourself

    Adventurer Bear Grylls has a simple motto in life: Train hard. Fight easy. From learning bushcraft, building shelter deep into the wild, hunting for food to survive and eating goat testicles, this Briton has done it all. Known for his television series Man vs. Wild, Grylls teaches the art of survival in harsh landscapes in a survival academy he has recently opened. He says, “Surviving life-threatening situations is a science of attitude, it can instill positivity, resourcefulness, energy and fire. The trick is in overcoming your fear. It’s about making a decision, getting on and doing it.” The man who has climbed cliffs, parachuted from helicopters, run through forest fires, eaten snakes, drunk urine saved in a rattlesnake skin, and eaten deer droppings, gives us a few lessons on survival.
Survival skills are your forte? How necessary is it as a quality in today’s world?
We need to have definite plans to survive in life.There’s a saying: ‘No plan survives the first contact with the enemy’. In fact, I love it when things go wrong. I think the secret lies in thinking fast and with ingenuity. Be committed to yourself and your life goal. While facing tough situations in life, don’t panic. It makes things worse. Try to be calm.
Your book, A Survival Guide for Life, inspires people to overcome their fears. What life lessons can you give those who look up to you?
Survival skills aren’t taught in schools or written in textbooks. My motto is ‘don’t listen to dream stealers’ or become over-enthusiastic. I teach people how to deal with adversity yet keep their character in today’s cut-throat world. I tell people how to imbibe qualities of primal life. Dynamic self-rescue survival skills can save your life across a whole series of terrains.
What qualities should people hone to survive all odds?
Optimism, team work, initiative, courage, resourcefulness and determination. The kick for me is seeing people literally grow in stature and confidence as they learn many of the skills and attitudes in practice. It makes it all worthwhile. Adventure brings out the best and worst in people. The wild is unpredictable. However much we prepare, things sometimes go wrong, and that’s true of life too. I encourage people to find the strength in themselves. We are much stronger than we think.
What are your five top tips for holidays on the wild side?
Be prepared. Go with good friends you trust
and who are relaxed people. Have a backup plan. Pack a sense of humour.
How do you relax?
I take off with my family to our little island hideaway in North Wales. It has 20 acres of green and one small cottage. It’s my heaven on earth.

• Plan, execute goals, face danger, push your limits to sharpen your instincts

• Chase the goal, not the money

• Always say ‘yes’ to opportunities

• Never give up

• There is no education like adversity

• You can’t become a horseman until you have fallen off a horse

• Don’t worry too much

• Tents don’t repair themselves when things go wrong, set them right yourself

• Paddle your own canoe

• Don’t assume too much

• Dreams require sacrifice

• Honour the journey, not the destination

• To get, you have to learn to give

• Humility is everything

• Instinct is the nose of the mind, trust it

• Laugh at yourself, a lot

• Keep good company

• Find a good guide

• Seek out motivation

• Money is like a river, it has to flow

• Be a volunteer

• Keep grounded

• Learn courage

• Take care of your possessions

• Use time wisely

• Everytime you surprise yourself, you inspire yourself

• Do not judge someone by their status

• Let others shine

• Be cheerful in adversity

• When you go through hell, keep going

• Ask yourself, what makes you smile

• Success is about embracing tears and heartaches

Bear Grylls teaches a group how to survive in the wild

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Pamper your pal

Pamper your pal

    This Friendship’s Day, there are a range of items that can be gifted to your close buddy. From flowers and ecards to books and perfumes, here’s how to convey your affection.

They are said to make a thoughtful gift for your friend. Before you select on a book, make sure you know what your friend likes to read. You can also give books on inspirational quotes and sayings. If your friend is interested in fitness, food, travel etc, you can also gift her or him such books.

Fresh flowers are considered the easiest and the best way to convey emotions and make a wonderful gift for your friend. Send in an attractive bouquet of flowers with a little note saying how much you love your friend.

If your friend is a foodie or simply loves chocolates, this is how you can pamper him or her. Go in for a hamper of your friend’s favourite chocolate. To add some fun, decorate a friendship basket comprising chocolates, candies, cookies and a bunch of flowers.

There’s no better way to acknowledge this day than sending in a memorable picture framed of you two.

Nothing ranks as high as this one. Personalised gifts like handmade cards, a message in a bottle or a baked cake work as wonderful gifting ideas. A homemade gift not only shows your love and care for your friend but also makes him or her feel special.

If you’ve not been able to send in anything to your friend throughout the day, don’t worry. You can either go for a dinner or movie or simply party together.

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Create a positive atmosphere at work

Create a positive atmosphere at work
There are two ways you can feel at office – one is where you are satisfied with your work, your boss, your team, your growth and your prospects. The other is where you feel stressed, bogged down by negativity and politics among colleagues, feel your talent is not recognized, where you do more work than you are acknowledged with and that your career is going nowhere. While all of us start our careers with the first attitude, it is very common for most of us to slip into the second attitude as time flies by. Most of us find that we are slipping down a spiral from where there is no way up and at this stage it is very important to find ways to keep the spirit alive and improve things around, for what we feel is very universal and the solution usually lies within. Start with a smile because there is a lot of promise in life and attempt the following simple, obvious yet important steps:
Meaning and purpose
Get real and accept the fact that the organization is always larger than the individual. It has its own goal and it has to be reached by the collective efforts of all the individuals. Choose an organization where you can align your goals with the goals of the organization and the top management with little friction. Once you do this find a meaning and purpose to what you are doing. Work with the larger picture of what you want to achieve and see how you are progressing towards the goal without worrying about the minute tasks and issues that crop up on a daily basis. This way you will find sense in even what you would otherwise consider mundane and outside your scope. When you charge yourself with the positive and go getter attitude, it will inspire your colleagues to take up a similar path.
Avoid Negative people
Being surrounded by and affected by negative energy at work can truly drain the liveliness out of you and your career. It can hinder your success and it can make you dread going to your job or dealing with your co-workers and clients. Avoid people who always crib about work and colleagues, people who are gossip mongers, who spend more time politicking than working and people who pile on to you for their benefits. They have a knack for making life very burdensome with unnecessary thoughts. Avoid them and you will feel feather light within. Remember, you are not going to achieve your goal by being nice and accommodating to all and sundry.
Good communication goes a long way in improving the working conditions in your team and as a consequence in your office. Communicate with your superiors and colleagues, what you are here to achieve and how you intend going about it. Communicate what you except out of the organization and your colleagues in your journey. If you have a problem, express it to the relevant people and explain logically how you think it can be resolved without conflict. Conflict cannot be altogether avoided at work place, but with proper and ongoing communication it can be minimized.
Acknowledge and encourage
It feels great when your ideas and work are acknowledged and appreciated. It is the same with most of us. So when you come across a great idea or when you see exemplary performance by some one – it could be your equal, superior or subordinate at office – acknowledge it, appreciate it and encourage more such efforts. This will spread positive vibes and establish a culture of collective pleasure for everybody’s achievements.
Your desk and personal space
The ambience at work is vital to your performance and well being. Invest in making your desk and work station vibrant, comfortable and invigorating. Put photographs of loved ones who will cheer you up when you feel tired or low. If you love music, buy an ipod and plug into your favorite music while you work. Walk around the cubicles, smile at colleagues, do small breathing and stretching exercises and anything that relaxes you while at your desk.
The winning mindset is this: Everyday at work, first thing when you get in or even at the end of the prior day before you leave, ask yourself what you would do in your job during this day if you knew you were really important or if you found your job interesting. Just ask yourself what you would be doing if you were important there and loved your job. And then do it! Once you commit to acting as if you are important and love your job, you may find that it completely changes for you and you can create the cycle of positive thinking.

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Slow internet ‘leading cause of family rows’

A slow internet is the main cause of family rows, a new study has revealed. It was claimed recently, that one has to wait up to 13 minutes a day or 11 days a year for websites to load, and as net becomes accessible on more gadgets, the more chances of rise in tempers. The study was recently conducted by a British broadband company and the results were quite startling. The scientists, who conducted the study, found that one in 10 adults feels their stress levels escalate rapidly when their internet crashes, while 14% fret more about their internet than missing a loved one’s birthday. This shows a marked difference to what stress factors were, a mere decade ago.
    The main reason for losing one’s cool is the loss of internet connection while shopping for items online and one gets stuck at the payment gateway. This is closely followed by the buffering of a TV show or film when watching a movie either on video-sharing websites or even while streaming music. ANI

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