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7 Traditional Jobs That Are Slowly vanishing in India

Ever since the Independence, India has gradually opened up itself to the globalization, as a result, lifestyle in India has transformed drastically. Similarly, our country has been welcoming industrialization in order create enough number of jobs for the youths. Hence, job seekers are much more interested in the corporate sectors than the traditional Indian jobs, as reported by Indiatimes.
So here goes the list of such endangered traditional jobs in India.


Probably, Pottery is one of the oldest professions in India, but as an impact of globalization, potter job shall be recorded into to the history books very soon.  Pottery profession has a great cultural history, there were times when, pots were the only source for cooking process in the country, but today stainless steels and plastic vessels have replaced It. In the modern India, pottery is just left out as an art.


Calligraphy is an art of producing decorative handwriting which is now unhurriedly fading. Today, most of the calligraphers in India are Urdu language writers, however Calligraphers who write regional languages can be found everywhere in India but the irony is that numbers are easily countable. The engrossment of digital technology on exchanging information has had an adverse impact on the Calligrapher profession.

Broom Maker:

Just a decade ago, every household needed a Broomstick, but today plastic brooms are mostly preferred by the customers in the market. Hence, conventional wooden broomstick is now out of demand, as a result Broomstick makers are now facing huge setbacks in their business. The effect is pushing Broomstick makers quit their respective profession and look for the new one.


There was once a time, when men India had only one beard and haircut style, but today impact of westernisation has transformed frumpy Indian men into stylish hunks. As a result, ultra modern saloons have overshadowed the traditional barbering profession. However, if the social equality is to be considered, this is a good change, as people belonged to the particular community were only suppose to do barbarian, but now there is no such taboo followed.

Knife Sharpeners:

Knife sharpeners are rare to find, but if we rewind back our lives for a decade, it was usual to find them in urban areas and some sharpeners use to wander all over the city yelling about their service. However, now the profession is almost wiped out and they can rarely be found in rural areas too.

Honey collectors:

Tribes were once known for collecting and selling honey, later, many smelled the profit in it and started breeding honey bees and sold the collected honey. Nevertheless, in the present era honey is a matter of lucrative business for many of the big industries. Hence, customary and regional honey collectors are sidelined and are out of selling.

Type Writing:

Typewriting was once the most prominent professions in India, as the respective profession was reserved for the educated class in the country. But the invasion of Computers, Printers, Xerox and Fax machines have overhauled the importance of the typewriters in the industries and thus it’s no wonder if you find a typewriter in the museums in the near future.


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