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Looking for business partners – any where – no investment required

Hello Everyone,

Hope all is well…

I’m looking for Business Partners who can source business from outside India –
this is open to all/any country – No Investment required.

Who can do it:

Who ever interested to do business and you can do it from your current work with spare time or
if some one staying at home they can do it in their free time. Don’t ignore any simple idea thinking
it may not work, just give a try you never know.

High Level Simple Business Model:

If you can source any business/partnership/investments/IT Projects through your contacts/company from
any country where you are living which can be executed back in India.

Revenue Model:

You get paid for sourcing based on agreed terms and conditions from 5%-20% on entire deal. This could be your
anoher source of income if it works out.

What kind of Business you can source:

IT Projects/Products/BPO/Application Support etc – from web site development to application development
in any domain or in any technology like mobile, web, cloud, embedded etc.
Non-IT related – Content writing, Remote Infrastructure maintenance etc.
Any Retail Business wants to setup their business in India
If some corporate or business wants to setup their business in India
If business/individual wants to start a partnership with a local business
Real-estate Group Projects etc.
I have just listed few ideas here, you think whatever is possible and whatever is required,
We will work on it and we will see if it can be done.

General Terms and Conditions:

You are responsible for handling all your local clients request, accounts, tax, accounts and legal implications for sourcing.
The business must comply all national and international regulations, tax law and whatever is legally applicable and General
Terms and Conditions as it applies to each and every business.

What I do:

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts I lived in US for 12+ years came back last year and settled in Bangalore and
started my own business, now I’m specializing in Business Cosulting to help individuals and SME/businesses to grow,
or to help setup new business for individuals or to create partnership with exisiting business for returning NRI’s etc.

If you are interested in the above proposal please write to me at

As always Thanks for your time.

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