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Nissan unveils low-cost Datsun Go in India


Nissan unveils low-cost Datsun Go in India

Gurgaon: Nissan gets ready to challenge Maruti and Hyundai in India with the revival of its low-cost brand Datsun that unveiled a new compact Go aimed at the bigvolume entry level buyers. With the unveiling of Datsun, Nissan made it clear that its ultra low-cost (ULC) project with Bajaj Auto is now a “closed chapter”.
    The Go, which will be priced under Rs 4 lakh when it debuts early next year, is the first of a series of vehicles that Datsun will launch as it looks to gain sizeable volumes in emerging markets like India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa, Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan Motors, said after the global debut of the 1.2-litre petrol mini car “Datsun is back.”
    The Datsun nameplate was discontinued by the Japanese maker in 1981 but is now being revived for rapidly-growing economies as a brand below Nissan. Ghosn wants a focus on individual market traits with Datsun that is aimed mainly at firsttime buyers.
    While Nissan Motor’s global design centre in Japan was responsible for the Datsun Go’s styling, R&D and engineering were handled by local engineering resources and suppliers to ensure the product suits local conditions, preferences, tastes and needs and price points. Datsun plans three new cars by 2016, and will be initially manufacturing them at Nissan/Renault’s joint production facility at Oragadam, near Chennai.
    Against an under 2% share of Indian car market now, Nissan is hoping to corner a 10% of overall industry volumes by 2016, half through the Datsun brand.
    On the relationship with Bajaj where group company Renault was also a partner, Vincent Cobee, who heads Datsun, told TOI, “Bajaj proposed a product that we did not want to be a part of and so the ULC project and Nissan’s collaboration with Bajaj is now a closed chapter. We are not pursuing that particular product.”
    However, cracking the Indian market is not expected to be an easy task for Datsun as a limited retail presence and a virtually-unknown branding will come in the way of success. Also, rivals Maruti and Hyundai are gearing up to launch new compacts towards the end of this year, which will only add to their already-fat line-up of small cars. Cobee said the new brand is confident about its prospects as the products have been designed and developed keeping in mind local tastes and conditions, but with modern styling and technical solutions.
    Cobee added that the Datsun brand may use India as a sourcing hub for components when it is rolled out in other “high-growth markets” like Indonesia and South Africa. Datsun will “pool assets” to produce models for each of the four markets where the brand will be rolled out.
    “Go is made in India for India and we have similar ambitions for Indonesia. The climate and some of the market characteristics between India and Indonesia are similar, though there are differences of usage, speed and family size between the two markets. So, we will go in for a pooling of a number of assets in terms of components even if the models are locally built. In terms of Africa, there is already some degree of commonality with India and currently India-made cars cater to a substantial part of the African market. So yes, there is an opportunity to use India for assets like components.” As for fully-built car exports, “if there is an opportunity, we will look into it,” he added.

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