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PENTAX Optio W90






Item Description
Product name PENTAX Optio W90 Black
Manufacturer PENTAX
List price
Product introduction PENTAX Optio W90 

It is waterproof, but underwater photography, and there is no use of rainy weather

Genuine battery and charger We will put the external battery two and external charger does not come (can not be guaranteed because it has not been used for some time with respect to the battery, you might You can charge has has become worse )

Goods outside of the remote control will also put up, but it is unconfirmed behavior (It was previously used several times, but did remains closed from off the battery (CR2025))

Logos of the porch, (wonder if it was genuine?) Silicon cover also I will put

What is in the photograph is all (PC connection cable, composite output cable, etc.)

Since it to waterproof can be close-up of up to 1cm and is allowed to your subject, such as the hiking of flowers shooting Why?
Also, if you use a digital microscope mode’m fairly interesting is capable of shooting up to small things, such as invisible to the naked eye (laughs)

Waterproof performance that can underwater photography for two consecutive hours at a depth of 6m, equipped with a dust-proof performance to protect the camera from the silt and dust.
Impact resistance that has cleared a drop test from further height 1.2m, also it is with cold resistance of up to minus 10 ℃.
Corresponding to the severe nature and intense sport. Product design of outdoor specification
We meet a super macro world of surprise. New mounted digital microscope mode

Equipped for the first time of digital microscope mode with a compact digital camera. By using the optical zoom and Intelligent Zoom at a distance of 1cm from the subject, you can take the world of macro invisible always. Since the lens of three LED marked around the (macro lighting) is illuminate brighten the subject, not dark even in a state where the ultra-close, you Utsuse clearly. Such as the nature of the outdoors, it worked as a breakthrough camera.
Wide landscape is also beautiful as possible. 12.1 5x optical zoom from the mega-wide-angle 28mm
It is equipped with a 5x optical zoom from the effective about 12.1 million pixel, wide-angle 28mm (35 mm format equivalent) in a compact body. When combined with optical zoom equivalent image quality of intelligent zoom high-quality shooting up to about 31 times the high magnification it is also possible.
It leaves the image of the fish caught in fish print. Fish print filter

Newly equipped with a fish print filter to meet the anglers feelings. Just to filter to take the fish caught to the photo, you can process the image, such as like taking a fish print.

Smooth video enjoy. Beautifully HD movies on the TV screen

HD video you can shoot high-quality video in high definition size. Since it is equipped with the HDMI terminal on the camera body, and if connected to high-definition TV, you can play digital powerful high-quality video.
Smile Catch & Blink Detection and Face Recognition 32 people

Profile also face down face also recognize Face Recognition AF & AE. Since the recognition face up to 32 people in commemorative photograph of a large number of people and a big success.
Camera shutter is released and Smile catch automatically if you become a smile, also equipped with blink detection to inform the camera when I turned a blind eye.
8 automatic scene recognition and auto picture camera recognizes the scene automatically, can you select the best mode

The camera determines the scene automatically, automatic picture mode to be set in the optimum mode.
Standard, landscape, portrait, night scene portrait, night scene, sports, flower, from 8 modes of candle light, the camera will be set automatically.
Electronic image stabilization and high sensitivity mode

Moment prone shake you press the shutter. Even if camera shake is gone happening, electronic image stabilization is I will blur caused by the camera shake when shooting in operation. In dark places such as indoor, high sensitivity mode of up to ISO6400 to suppress camera shake. In the dependable two image stabilization, at any time for a photo to “shake zero”.
Automatic tracking AF
while focusing on a moving subject, you do not miss a photo opportunity

Once you focus on the subject, with a directly auto-tracking AF, which keep track with automatic movement. Such as children and pets, it is not necessary to readjust the focus also subject to the movement unpredictable, it does not escape the shutter chance.
In digital filter Art sense, to arrange the image.

Black-and-white, sepia, color digital filter in addition to, such as a color, toy camera, retro, soft, color extraction, color enhancement, high contrast, Twinkle, fish eye, such as brightness, play digital filter is full. In a variety of digital filters, you enjoy arrange photos utilizing the sense of my own.
In transformation filters become a small face with a small face filter for a moment, a small face, such as the model

Equipped with innovative Small Face filter that only one size can be reduced face of portrait photos.
Without being noticed by anyone, by reducing the little only the face than usual, it is the filter of the magic that can be transformed into a small face style, such as a good model of balance.
The frame synthesis favorite frames, picture may be synthetic.

45 type design frame is two sizes of, because it is pre-installed on the memory in the camera, you can enjoy a variety of frame synthesis.
Convenient to world time, calendar display journey. Also displays the date and time of the world.
World time function that displays the time and Japan time in each country.

Time difference between the current time and the Japan time world 28 time zone 75 cities can be checked in real time. It is a very useful feature to travel abroad.
Image can be displayed by shooting date, calendar display.

Save to classify the photos taken in the calendar automatically, if you specify the date of the calendar that was displayed on the LCD monitor, you can see the photos taken that day at any time.
Other Features

Pet detection function that can register the pet’s face, such as dogs and cats up to 3 animals
D-Range setting that can be taken to suppress the collapse overexposed or black image
Panorama, combining features such as digital wide
AF auxiliary light, which also rely on in the dark
Wi-Fi built-in SD card-type memory card, corresponding to the Eye-Fi card
Face-up playback to be displayed in one after another up during playback the captured face in the face recognition
CALS mode that conforms to the construction CALS

Optio W90 Accessories

● dedicated battery

● Battery charger

● AC cord

● USB cable

● AV Cable

● software (CD-ROM)

● Strap

● Carabiner Strap

Included Software

○ image viewing, management and editing software ArcSoft Media Impression 2.0 for PENTAX (Windows version)
○ image viewing, management and editing software ArcSoft Media Impression 2.0 for PENTAX (Macintosh version)
Optio W90 USB connection environment


Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista TM, in Windows 7, PC target OS of Mac OS X 10.3.9,10.4,10.5,10.6 has been pre-installed and updated to the latest version, USB port is standard equipment It must have.
This camera is a camera with JIS waterproof protection Class 8, the JIS dustproof protection Class 6 (IP68) compliant waterproof and dustproof function. It has a continuous 120 minutes underwater photography Waterproof performance in water depth 6m. When shooting in the water, check the following points, please use properly.

Note before using in water

The camera, in order to improve the waterproof performance, and front of the lens is protected by glass. Or dirty protection glass, since it affects the image taken that with a drop of water, protection glass, please to be kept clean at all times.
This camera, because it sinks in water, be sure to attach the strap when using Please be careful to not fall on the wound to the arm.
Battery / card / garbage terminal cover of waterproof packing and its contact surface, please make sure that the foreign matter such as sand is not attached.
Battery / card / terminal cover cracks in waterproof packing, please make sure that there are no scratches, etc..
Please make sure that the battery / card / terminal cover lock is firmly closed.
Such as the incoming water or when a strong spray to the pool, sea-consuming, please be careful not to apply strong pressure to the camera.

Caution in use in water

At a depth of 6 m It is possible to underwater photography of continuous 120 minutes. After you use 120 minutes, microphone, in order to ensure the water repellency of the special sheet of speaker portion, about 5 minutes to 10 minutes, it is recommended that that I am leaving a time.
Battery / card cover in water, please do not to the opening and closing of the terminal cover.


Caution after use in water

After use, please water droplets and dirt on the camera wipe clean with a lint-free cloth.
Battery / card cover at the beach or by the sea, please avoid as much as possible the opening and closing of the terminal cover. Note that when you replace the battery and SD memory card, from completely dry, avoiding likely to get wet or dirty place, please go from Wipe your hands are wet.


Storage and How to Care

Among the top and car beach of sand heated to a high temperature (40 ℃ or more), please do not leave the place of low temperature (-10 ℃ or less). You may not keep the waterproof performance. (Rapid temperature change will be a cause of condensation on the inside)
Cleaning with agents such as soap water, mild detergents, and alcohol please avoid because it may compromise the waterproof performance of the camera.
When it is terrible or when the sea water took the dirty, that the power is off, make sure that the battery / card cover is securely closed, you can either wash with a little running tap water, there a shallow basin, etc. the fresh water in order, please every wash and put the camera in a short period of time (2-3 minutes). Please dried it after a well-ventilated shade. After use in the sea, please do not as it is allowed to stand without exposure to fresh water. Camera poor appearance of the product can cause a waterproof performance degradation.
When the sunscreen cream and sun oil is attached, there is the surface of the camera is discolored. If you have any oil gets on, please rinse immediately with lukewarm water.
In order to maintain the waterproof performance, it is recommended to replace the once waterproof packing in one year. Please consult our service representative for replacement of waterproof packing. (Surcharge)


For impact function

Impact the performance of this camera, pursuant to the measurement method of MIL-Standard 810F Method 516.5-Shock, our own standards (height: 1.2m, falling surface: thickness 5cm plywood) has cleared a drop test to You.
If you give a shock, such as Do not drop or hit the camera, waterproof performance is not guaranteed.
It does not guarantee non-breakage and trouble-free under all conditions.


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