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Pentax x70

Pentax x70 cam Pentax x70 camera Pentax x70

To maximize the quality of effective about 12 million pixels, a wide-angle 26mm ~ super-telephoto 624mm (35 mm format equivalent) is equipped with a corresponding optical 24 times zoom.
Combined with intelligent zoom that can be enlarged without sacrificing image quality, up to about 150 times (3900mm) equivalent high magnification zoom is also possible. Subject you find in the Chikayore not subject and far, such as animals, you can greatly catch remain beautiful if optical 24 times zoom.
In 1cm macro, close-up photography is also OK.

In 1cm macro, close-up photography is also OK. In macro close to the subject until the shortest 1cm, you can take a picture that is powerful.
It is possible to shoot without blurring in optical 24x zoom, ability of triple anti-shake.

Even at high magnification zoom that camera shake is prone optical 24 times, a triple image stabilization if X70, also video still images I will reduce the camera shake.

[Of enhancement “shake zero” function]
◎ image stabilization SR (Shake Reduction) of the still image is not blurred → CCD shift method
◎ can not shake even in dark places → high sensitivity shake Reduce mode
◎ video is not blurred → Movie SR
Ultra high-speed continuous shooting of up to 11 frames / sec, do not miss a photo opportunity.

Up to about 11 frames / sec., Pentax x70 is equipped with high-speed continuous shooting of up to 21 frames. In addition, the auto-tracking AF to continue to focus on the subject to move, also aim to ensure a moment of opportunity in a moving scene.
Video Compatible with high-definition size.

Video Compatible with high-definition size. Optical 24 times zoom, it was taking advantage of the high quality of the effective about 12 million pixels, 1280 × 720 pixels, an aspect ratio of 16: I can shoot 9 HDTV size videos.
exposure setting mode aperture priority, shutter priority choose yourself.

Pentax x70 exposure setting mode aperture priority, shutter priority choose yourself. Equipped with the same exposure setting mode of a digital single-lens reflex camera. Program (P), Aperture Priority (Av), the shutter priority (Tv), manual (M), you can choose the freedom to take the way to suit the scene or subject, in drawing intended.
In the face recognition of up to 32 people, the face of each and every bright and clean.

To detect the face of up to 32 people, with a crisp bright Pentax x70 Face Recognition AF & AE once. In addition, shooting with automatic Once you become a smile “Smile Catch” and, human subjects with eye camera is to inform “blink detection”, such as high-speed face recognition of only about 0.03 seconds face recognition time, beautiful  features enrich the face doing.
7 scene Auto Picture that you can clean the shooting with automatic camera.

To match the shooting, seven shooting modes (standard, landscape, portrait, Night Portrait, Night Scene, Sports, flower) automatically selects the optimum mode from. Beautiful photos leave the camera will take.
Among the strong sunlight, and it corrects the overexposure of the background and the subject.

Pentax x70 overexposure correction suppress overexposure to light can not be reproduced in color and gradation too strong. Even in strong sunlight outdoors, it is possible to suppress the overexposure of the background and the subject, you can take more beautiful pictures.
Automatic tracking AF
while focusing on a moving subject, you do not miss a photo opportunity

Once you focus on the subject, with a directly auto-tracking AF, which keep track with automatic movement.
Such as children and pets, it is not necessary to readjust the focus also subject to the movement unpredictable, it does not escape the shutter chance.
Mode Palette and “take” is also “see” also easy operation of only selecting a palette of icons.
Capture Mode Palette

Pentax x70 takes want to take easy beautiful scene, adopting a wide variety of shooting modes. Just select the scene you want to take from the side-by-side icon to the shooting mode palette, make the setting of the mode that matches the scene the camera automatically.
Pentax x70 Playback Mode Palette

trimming and resizing of the taken image, the ability to image processing and editing, such as a digital filter, and lists in an easy-to-understand icons. You can choose you want to use functions easily.
In digital filter Art sense, to arrange the image.

Black-and-white, including sepia, color, soft, color extraction, with many kinds of digital filters such as fish-eye, you can enjoy a variety of image processing utilizing the sense of my own. Free to enjoy the arrangement in the sense of Art, it is a function of the digital camera unique.
Convenient to world time, calendar display journey. Also displays the date and time of the world.
World time function that displays the time and Japan time in each country.

World 28 time zone 75 current time and allows real-time display of the Japan time in the city. Also displays the time difference with Japan. It is a very useful feature to travel abroad.
Image can be displayed by shooting date, calendar display.

Save to classify the photos taken in the calendar automatically, if you specify the date of the calendar that was displayed on the LCD monitor, you can see the photos taken that day at any time.
X70 Compatible with Exif Print / PRINT Image Matching and DPOF

Since using the photographic information of the camera is compatible with Exif Print and PRINT Image Matching III can be printed, you can print on beauty still taken. I also supports DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) to specify the number of the date of existence and print on the camera body.
To-save Watch On TV
AV output terminal mounting · AV cable included to enjoy a photographic image on a large screen TV

AV output terminal mounting · AV cable included to enjoy a photographic image on a large screen TV Favorite images and videos, what you want to see rather than look alone, with family and friends. X70 is equipped with the AV output terminal. Simply connect to a TV with the included AV cable, you will be able to reflect the voice and image on the large screen TV. Still image, of course, the video playback is also possible.
Save Totteoki of pictures and videos on a DVD or video tape

I want to present the captured images and videos to relatives and friends. Such a case, it is connected to the DVD recorder or VCR AV cable, you can try to save by copying the still pictures and videos. You Once you have a DVD or video tape, you can watch at any time on TV or projector.
You want to edit the image
By connecting a PC with a USB cable, and transfer the image

By connecting a PC with a USB cable, and transfer the image to capture the still image taken images to a computer, you can publish on the website, you can create an original album …. You can easily find X70 corresponding to the USB connection, you can easily transfer images to a PC by simply connecting the supplied cable.
Image browsing, with the included software ACDSee for PENTAX (Windows / Mac version)

ACDSee It includes a convenient software that can view and manage the captured images on a PC. Also edit the image freely in the Windows version. You can adjust the brightness and color tone of the image, it can also perform image processing by the special effects, you can create a photo with originality.
X70 accessories

● dedicated battery ● Battery charger ● AC cord ● USB cable ● AV Cable ● software (CD-ROM) ● Strap ● lens cap
Included Software

○ image viewing, management and editing software ACDSee for PENTAX 3.0 (Windows version)
○ image viewing and management software ACDSee 2 for Mac (Macintosh version)
USB connection environment

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista TM, The OS is pre-installed on Mac OS X (10.1.2-10.5), it is updated to the latest version, USB port must be standard equipment .


X70 performance specifications
Lens PENTAX 14 sheets group zoom lens 11 (4 aspherical lens, ED glass three use)
[Focal length] 4.6 ~ 110.4 mm
[35mm format value of the focal length] about 26 ~ 624 mm
[F] value F2.8 (W) ~ F5.0 (T)
Zoom [Optical zoom] 24 times
[Digital zoom ratio] about 6.25 times
[Intelligent Zoom]
About 31.3 times during 7M, about 150 times at 640 (zoom magnification that is combined with the optical zoom)
Shake mitigation [Still image] CCD shift (SR: Shake Reduction),
The anti-shake mode with high sensitivity (high sensitivity)
[Video] electronic (Movie SR)
Focus [AF method] 9-point multi / spot / automatic tracking
[Shooting distance range (lens from the tip) Standard: 0.4m ~ ∞ (wide-angle end), 1.7m ~ ∞ (telephoto end)
Macro: 0.1 ~ 0.5m (from the wide-angle end to the intermediate portion of the zoom range)
1cm Macro: 0.01 ~ 0.3m (middle portion of the zoom range)
Infinity, manual focus, AF point switching Allowed
Facial recognition Recognition allowed up to a maximum of 32 people, Smile Capture, Blink Detection
Effective pixels About 12 million pixels
Imaging element 1 / 2.33-inch CCD
Record number of pixels [Still image] 12M, 3: 2,16: 9,1: 1,7M, 5M, 3M, 1024,640
[Video] 1280, 848, 640, 320
White balance Auto, sunlight, shade, incandescent lamp,
Fluorescent lamp (D: daylight, N: daylight white, W: white), manual
Sensitivity (standard output sensitivity) Auto, Manual (ISO 50 ~ 6400)
Finder Electronic viewfinder about 200,000 dots
Picture monitor 2.7-inch 230,000 dot LCD, AR coat
Exposure control [Metering] division, center-weighted, spot
[Exposure Compensation] ± 2EV (1 / 3EV step)
Shooting mode Auto Picture, sports, high sensitivity, videos, USER, manual,
Aperture priority, shutter priority, program, scene mode (landscape, flowers,
Portrait, Backlight, Best framing, night scene, night scene portrait,
Stage Lighting, Surf & Snow, baby, kids, pets, cooking,
Fireworks, Frame Composite, Party, Museum, Sunset, Digital Wide,
Panorama), Green
Playback mode Slide show, digital filter (color filter (11 species),
Soft filter, fish-eye filter, brightness filter),
Frame synthesis, resizing, cropping, image / sound copy, image rotation,
Video editing, red-eye correction, voice memo, protect, DPOF, deletion screen resurrection,
Start-up Screen, Face close-up playback
Shutter speed 1 / 4000-1 / 4 seconds, up to 4 seconds (Tv, Av, M, Night Scene)
Built-in flash [Emission mode]
Auto emission, emission prohibition, forced flash, auto flash + red-eye reduction,
Flash On + red-eye reduction, slow sync, red-eye slow sync
[Dimming range]
Wide: about 0.2 ~ 9.1m (in ISO Auto condition)
Tele: about 1.7 ~ 5.1m (in ISO Auto condition)
Drive mode 1 frame, continuous shooting (L / M / H), self-timer (after about 10 seconds, after about 2 seconds),
Interval Shooting, Auto bracket shooting
Recording medium Built-in memory (about 33.6MB), SD / SDHC memory card
Power supply Lithium-ion battery D-LI92, AC adapter kit (sold separately)
[Battery life] still image shooting: approximately 170 sheets (only battery use) ※ 1
Duration: about 200 minutes (only battery use) ※ 2
External interface USB2.0 (high speed compatible) / AV terminal, external power supply terminal
Video output format NTSC / PAL
External dimensions About 110.5 (width) × 82.5 (height) × 89.5 (thickness) mm (operation member, I excluding protrusions)
Mass (weight) [Body] about 390g (without battery and SD memory card)
[During shooting] about 410g (battery, including SD memory card)

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