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Jobs to Earn 7 Digit Salaries

6. Lead Software Engineer

Forecast Job Growth (Through 2020): 30 Percent 

Job description of a lead software engineer includes providing work leadership to staff who are responsible for performing complex tech related tasks such analysis, programming, design, unit testing of software applications and more, using appropriate development modules/methods. They are also responsible for providing process development and contribute to build foolproof strategic enterprise architecture.

As per the Payscale website, the pay packages of these professionals are in the range of 5.08 lakh to 14.66 lakh per annum. 

A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is the per-requisites to enter this field.

5. IT Manager

Forecast Job Growth: 18 Percent

IT managers play a critical role in the modern workplace. They are responsible for everything from constructing a proficient business plan and directing internet operations to overseeing network security. And the job description includes coordinating, planning, leading research and overseeing computer related tasks or activities; directing the work of computer programmers, systems analyst, supporting specialist, and other computer related employees; coordinating and planning activities such as implementing or upgrading software, programming, system design, developing computer networks, and implementing internet or intranet sites; and so on.

These professionals draw a healthy salary that is in the range of 3.22 lakh to 22.31 lakh per annum.

A Bachelor’s degree in IT related subjects or a business degree, plus few years of relevant work experience are some of the pre-requisites to land a job as an IT Manager.

4. Engineering Manager

Forecast Job Growth: 9 Percent

Engineering managers are the professionals who lead and supervise engineers, scientists or technicians in their daily duties, plus are responsible for coordinating production, quality control, research and development of new products or procedures. Engineering managers are one of the most well paid professionals in the job industry and their pay packages typically ranges between 4.37 lakh to 21.26 lakh per annum.

The entry level educational requirement for this field is a Bachelor’s degree in an engineering specialty field such a mechanical, civil, aviation and so on, plus sufficient business knowledge.

3. Product Marketing Manager

Forecast Job Growth: 14 Percent

These are the professionals who are responsible for defining the type of products that a business needs to sell to maximize the employer’s revenues. And as a product marketing manager you will be responsible for choosing the appearance and function of the products, pricing of the products, selecting the appropriate advertising strategies and how the product will be introduced to the customers.

Product managers typically draw salaries that are in the range of 3.96 lakh to 26.96 lakh per annum.

Attention to details, an eye for quality, and ability to grasp and translate technical capabilities into benefits, along with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on marketing are some of the fundamentals to enter this field.

2. Tax Manager

Forecast Job Growth: 9 Percent

These are professionals who are responsible for planning, preparing and analyzing tax returns of an organization. They also lend their hand to effectively manage tax risks and liabilities associated with complex business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, initial public offerings and so on. In addition, these professionals are involved in the development of tax saving strategies for clients and integration of tax related data on financial statements.

With a pay package that is roughly in-between 3.02 lakh to 29.79 lakh per annum, this is the second most lucrative profession on the list.

A Bachelor’s degree in accounts or finance, plus substantial experience as an accountant is some of the essentials to enter this field.       

1. Sales Director

Forecast Job Growth: 12 Percent

Sales directors are the professionals who are responsible for planning and directing the sales activities of a business organization. In addition, they are responsible for supervising junior level sales team members and maximize the potential revenue in their assigned product segment, territory or target market.

These professionals bag in a handsome pay that is roughly around 12.70 lakh to 58.29 lakh per annum, and the educational requirement to enter this field is a Bachelor’s degree either in business administration, marketing or a related discipline.

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