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Designers and homemakers are drawing inspiration from older trends to create show-stopping interiors


Designers and homemakers are drawing inspiration from older trends to create show-stopping interiors,

    The concept of design has changed dramatically and is no longer some gimmicky, flashy, in-your-face look that reeks of slavish obedience to the latest trend and then ends up looking dated a few seasons later. Homeowners are no longer afraid to express their personal style and this has resulted in some amazing reincarnations of design ideas and concepts, many of which are comebacks from the past.

Be it the living room, bedroom or study, it’s all about highlighting certain key pieces of furniture to ‘centre’ the room and give it character. Nowadays, furnituremaking has been elevated to an art form and is no longer looked on as a simple exercise in carpentry. Furniture transcends mere functionality today; so a chair isn’t merely an object you sit on but an intricate piece of your home that can set the mood, reflecting identity, emotions and feelings, and quality of lifestyle.
    The craze for an old-fashioned four-poster bed, vintage dressing table or a pair of armchairs is back with a bang. For example, homemakers love the soaring posts of a four-poster bed that make a dramatic style statement, helping it create a visual centre in a room.
    Another piece quickly gaining popularity is the old-fashioned dresser. A striking vanity or dressing table can be the style statement of any bedroom. Whether it is a custom-built cabinetry or a small table in a nook that becomes a dressing area, there are plenty of attractive design options to choose from. Decorate your dresser with romantic overtones in the form or framed pictures, flowers or a box filled with personal effects.
    Before you toss out an outdated, worn-out sofa or an old fashioned writing desk in an attempt to add some style to your home, consider some simple do-it-yourself solutions. You could easily perk up your sofa by re-upholstering it in a modern fabric with a bright red colour along with a contrasting trim of lime green. Berry-coloured stripes have become all the rage as well and add a fresh, vibrant feel to any room. Strip the veneer or polish off your old writing table and go for a paint job in any bright colour – from mustard yellow to lime green. Don’t forget to change those tarnished drawer knobs for a final finishing touch.

A touch of raw wood has wowed the world of interior design today. Raw wood fits into any home décor, whether vintage or modern. Go shopping in old furniture stores for small items to add to your rooms, whether it is a mirror frame or a piece to accent a wall. However, in your enthusiasm, don’t go overboard, or your room can end up looking like a hunting lodge in the Highlands!

If you thought wallpaper was tacky and was to be limited to your grandmother’s home, think again. This trend is back but with a few modern twists. Today, you can choose your wallpaper from an array of shades and patterns that lend character and style and are an instant fit for any room. Rather than wallpapering a whole room, try it just on an accent wall or in a small space such as an entryway or powder room.

The latest in the world of lighting: statement installed fixtures. Glamorous art deco shades or a chandelier centrepiece in the living area are fast becoming favourites with homemakers. Vintage reading lamps that are curvaceous and colourful add shape and visual weight to side tables and nightstands. Whether they are in solid colours or muted ones, these lamps can effortlessly become part of any room, adding a hint of glamour and style.

School is the new cool in the decorating world. Old school style furniture, such as desks and benches are being painted and remodeled to add a whimsical touch to homes today. Textured painting and a touch of polish can transform these sturdy items into design worthy décor.

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