How do you get rid of Toxins?

How do you get rid of Toxins?
When your body is full of toxins, it will start to display signs such as tired and aching body, fatigued mind and low energy level. Pay close attention to your body and when you notice these symptoms, it’s time for you to detox your body. To prevent massive toxins build up inside your body, you should detox your body with a detox diet preferably once a year. Detoxification is an approach for you to get in tune with your body after awhile and cleanse the internal systems to remove the toxin build up.
Where do toxins come from?
You may ask how your body gets filled up or contaminated by all these harmful substances. Well the answer to that is easy. In today’s busy world people live on junk food, take outs, and microwave meals as they haven’t the time or energy to cook from scratch. They revert to comfort eating, alcohol, tobacco and drugs to relieve stress and tension. These are like poison for the body. They might put you in a dreamy state for sometime but they do no good for you at all. Chemicals in products you use on your skin and for washing your clothes get absorbed into your body. Chemicals in household cleansers and air fresheners pollute your home and you inhale them.
What symptoms do they cause ?
These substances harm the liver, which detoxifies everything that goes into the body. So this results in headaches, stomach aches and stomach trouble, cold and general weak and fragile health. In some cases they cause heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.
Whatever state your health is in, making simple changes in your diet will help you to detox naturally. It may take more time but you will begin to see changesif you stick to it.
How do you get rid of them?
If you stop putting toxins into your body your liver will have a chance to catch up with the backlog. Also by eating foods that help support the detox process you will be supplying your cells with the nutrients that they need to cleanse themselves.
This means giving up processed and junk food, food high in sugar and fat, pre-prepared meals, sausages, hot-dogs, candy, cakes, cookies etc. Reduce coffee, regular tea if you drink a lot and sodas. Give up alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs.
What’s left? Don’t panic there is plenty to eat. Fresh fruit, vegetables of all kinds, meat, poultry and eggs, mercury free fish, whole grains, beans and lentils and a few fresh nuts and seeds. Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices or make some green smoothies. Drink filtered or good bottled, non carbonated water. Make some soups too. Use natural personal care products and household products.
Detox reactions
When you first start with the detox diet, you may notice a few cleansing reactions like skin eruptions or loss of energy or you may even get headaches. But this will slowly disappear as your body gets adjusted to it.
After you have been on the diet a while you will start to notice your skin getting better and that you will have more energy than usual. The number of times you fall sick will also decrease. The natural detox diet helps in increasing your immunity to other diseases.
Move those toxins with some exercise

It’s also important to get some exercise to help mobilize the toxins and get them to the liver. Gentle exercise such as aerobics or brisk walking or swimming is good as it helps to increase the heart rate without putting too much stress on the body. It’s a great time to learn yoga. So although you may have to sacrifice the things you love to eat, the end result will mean more to you than those trivial things. You can learn to love healthy food in time. So now that you know all about a natural detox diet, it’s time to start planning it.