I have to buy an external hard disk with 1TB (terabyte) storage

I have to buy an external hard disk with 1TB (terabyte) storage. I want to know which one is a good portable hard disk, among Buffallo, Dell or any other company. I also want to know how does the Seagate Backup Plus work. I use a 3-year-old laptop, will it work with my machine or not?

— Hard disks are typically manufactured by limited players. It can be of Buffallo or Dell or any other brand, but what you need to see is how good the after-sales service is. Though, in all probability the hard disk should not fail, but if it indeed does, then you should have a good warranty. In our experience, Seagate has fared the best when it comes to warranty claims across the country. About the Saegate Backup Plus, this is a great piece of software that automatically backs up your computer data to the external hard disk. Though other utilities are also available and you can also manually backup the computer data to a drive, the ‘backup plus’ makes things easier. On whether you’ll be able to use it on your laptop or not, you should speak to the Seagate call centre as you can share the specifications of your machine with them.