I want to buy a point-and-shoot camera

I want to buy a point-and-shoot camera, but my tech-savvy friends tell me I would do better to buy a smartphone with a great camera. I hear that there are phones with 13 megapixel cameras, and I believe even 41 megapixels. So should I buy a phone or a camera?

— In the recent months, the sales of point-and-shoot cameras have actually tumbled, mostly doe to smartphone cameras. If you look at figures on Flickr, the most used point-andshoot camera seems to be the iPhone! Though phones are becoming very good at taking pictures, and yes, there indeed is a 41-megapixel phone coming, point-and-shoot cameras still have a number of advantages.

You can take up to 300 shots with a camera, which would drain the battery of your phone. When you are on a holiday, a camera is something you can hand to even a stranger to take your picture. It also accepts a tripod, if you want, while you would be restricted with what you can do with the phone. We will still prefer to carry a camera and a phone, primarily because point and shoots offer more flexibility, much higher resolution and depth in the picture — and a dedicated device is much better.