Portion size plays a big role in maintaining your weight

Pay attention to portion size

    Portion size plays a big role in maintaining your weight. You need to figure out the right portion for yourself, keeping in mind your daily dietary requirements as well as your likes and dislikes. A simple guide to portion size will help you eat sensibly. And with an increase in the number of times people are eating out, it becomes even more important to control portion size. Studies say that people are likelier to overeat when they’re given large portions since they find it difficult to gauge how much is an acceptable amount that would fill them up. And when you eat more than you should, you naturally end up gaining weight, which can then lead to lifestyle problems like diabetes and heart disease. Start by focusing on what goes on your plate and put your fork down when you’re full. >> If you’re at a fast food joint, avoid being tempted by the large sizes offered on discount which are laden with calories and fat. Instead, opt for a small-sized or at the most a regular sized meal. Avoid sugar-loaded fizzy drinks that come along. >> Learn to say a no to those huge cookies, cupcakes, muffins and donuts that might tempt your tastebuds. >> If you’re eating out and can’t finish what’s on your plate, don’t feel guilty. Ask for a smaller portion at the beginning and most restaurants will be happy to oblige. And if you can’t finish your meal, get it packed up. >> At a buffet? Take a smaller plate and resist from refilling it repeatedly just because of the large quantity of food on offer. >> After making a meal at home, pile only half of it on your plate. If you
    feel hungry later,
eat the rest. However, you may be surprised at times to realise you’re full and don’t need to wipe off everything. >> Buying packaged food? Keep an eye on the labels for the number of people it can serve on the pack. Sometimes one pack contains more than one serving. >> Keep smaller cutlery at home — smaller plates and bowls will help limit food intake. >> Eliminate unhealthy foods from your plate like fat and sugar laden treats. Go ahead and pile your plate high with nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, pulses and wholegrains.

Stay away from large meals at fast-food restaurants