Sohum Shah finds an admirer in Kiran Rao

    Ship Of Theseus, the new Indie film on the block, that has been screened at various international film festivals — it has bagged awards as well — is all set to hit Indian theatres. The movie, directed by Anand Gandhi, will be presented to the desi audiences by Kiran Rao.
    What left a lasting impression on Kiran, she says, is the unusual cast. She particularly liked the performance of Sohum Shah, who plays Navin, a young stockbroker, in the film. Says Kiran, “I am really impressed with Sohum’s command over his craft as an actor. His is such a layered and honest performance, it doesn’t feel scripted at all. He’s a great new talent to watch out for and I hope to work with him some day.”
    Kiran is excited about the impending release of the film. “It is astonishing to see a philosophically inclined film that is so accessible, compelling and moving,” says she.
    According to Kiran, the movie carries an impressive message for the audience. “It has an interesting and important message. It has a thought which will impress everyone about how all of us are living our lives and how we can live our lives better,” she explains.
    Ship of Theseus releases on July 19.

Sohum Shah and Kiran Rao