Cardi B counter-sues her former manager Shaft for $15mn

American rapper Cardi B has counter-sued her former manager for $15 million (approx `103crore), claiming he exploited her and was trying to take a full control over her life. The 25-year-old rapper retaliated as her manager Klenord Raphael aka Shaft, filed a $10 million (approx `68 crore) lawsuit against her, alleging a breach of contract, unjust enrichment, declaratory judgment and defamation.

On Thursday, Cardi hit back, counter-suing Shaft and alleging he gained her trust, cut her off from other friends and advisers, and then signed her on to contracts that were variously described in the suit as “grossly unfair”, “highly one-sided” and “highly favourable to himself ”, reports a daily.

The suit claims that Shaft used money that belonged to Cardi for his “personal travel, entertainment and expenses”.